Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill Walkthrough: Diner's Sabotage

Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill Walkthrough: Diner's Sabotage
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Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill Walkthrough

Hello and welcome to the second part of the Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill Walkthrough! After hearing of the death of Paseo del Mar high school student, Jake - the principal has asked Nancy Drew’s help in the matter. Secretly backed by the police, Nancy will have to try and figure out who was behind the gruesome murder.

You’ve started investigating the case already and have finished with Aunt Eloise’s house. Now it’s time to get acquainted with your witnesses and suspects!

At the Diner

Now you’re supposed to be heading to the school by now and interrogating the students there but honestly, it wouldn’t do you any good unless you head to the diner first. Once there, you should find yourself in a conversation with Daryl Gray, who will give you a little insight to our victim, Jake’s character. Exhaust all the questions here, as what most detectives do.

Once done, feel free to look around the diner first. Remember the quarter you found earlier? This is where it might come in hand, if you should so choose to use it. once again, this area is laden with clues all around you. For one, the menu on the table will have the word danger and sabotage hidden in its midst via colored letters. The quarter can be used to access the jukebox and the pinball machine both of which offers some amusing sound effects. The menu board behind Daryl will have the words Soup Ladle and Bolt Cutter spelt out. Be sure to look for those when you enter the kitchen as they will be highly important.

The Kitchen

Untitled 28

Untitled 25

Inside the kitchen you will find a cutting board where someone has carved “watch out” in it. Down between the table, you’ll find the bolt cutters that the menu board hinted at. Unfortunately, taking it releases the gas line putting Nancy’s life in mortal danger. How do you get out of this sticky situation? Well, what else did the Menu Board say? soup ladle! Look for a soup ladle in this kitchen and prop it up where the bolt cutters used to be and you’ll be safe. Now then, if you look at the refrigerator there seems to be a bunch of odd numbers there. To decode this clue, simply substitute all numbers with their corresponding letter in the alphabet. The code will then say, Jake’s fate happened deliberately, gravity was not his worst enemy.

Afterwards, you don’t really have anything more to do here at the diner so head to the school where you will have to switch CDs for now.

The Paseo del Mar High School

The Paseo del Mar High School will house several students (and potential suspsects) for you to investigate. Like Daryl, every time you can, don’t pass up an opportunity to talk to them or even get them riled up. You’ll only know that you’ve exhausted all conversation points with each character when they finally refuse to speak to you.

Anyway, enter the school and be greeted by its numerous display of awards and trophies. There are two hallways directly to your left and to your right. For now, let’s walk towards the left where you’ll eventually end up at the cafeteria and the deceased’s former locker. Before you get to the locker though, there is a path to your right. This path will lead you to the Library and the Gym. Take that route. But not before examining the bulletin board for another clue: It’s basically a rhyming quatrain with the letters deliberately grouped in the wrong way. If you reada it carefully, the note will say:

Find the morning edition

And discover another crime

The answer in in black and white

To Who will do the time.

Morning edition? That means newspaper. So better be on the lookout for one. Now make your make to the library where you’ll pass by another bulletin board. Bulletin boards usually mean hints, so take a closer look at it. This time, the note will say “In the face of danger - Against a killer if you dare - A very unlikely couple - Could be a helpful pair.” Aww isn’t that sweet?


Hidden Clues are Everywhere!

Now, if you think you should be heading to Library for now, then you’re wrong. This time, focus your attention to the gym. There will be another bulletin board though, the minute you do a 80. This time, there are three notes that you can use for your hints. Now then,these notes will be rotated and mirrored, like the way Da Vinci would code his journal notes. If you want to figure it out, then you’ll need to have a mirror (or Photoshop) handy. A better solution would be to defer to this guide. The notes will reveal three clues.

Nowhere to turn to - Nowhere to hide - Let the books in the library - Be your answer guide. I guess that means that you’ll find the answers you’re looking for in the Library huh?

A symbol of Kanji worn with great pride - Reflects a big secret - That someone must hide. Hmm, so you better be on the lookout for someone wearing something with Kanji (Japanese character) in it. Who could that be?

He did what it took - To make the grade - Even if it meant cheating - To keep up his charade. Uh oh! Someone’s been cheating?! Who could it be?

That’s that with the bulletin board. Now, if you notice the eyechart on the wall (which is a pretty weird place for an eyechart to be considering this area is supposed to be the gym) you will find that it’s not the usual letters one reads on an eyechart. If you do read it backwards starting from the very last letter down to the first, you’ll get this flattering message: If you can read this - Then make no mistake - A genuine first class - Detective you’ll make.

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