Paseo del Mar High School – A Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill Walkthrough


At the previous articles, we had just finished our investigation of the Diner, escaped a makeshift bomb and familiarize ourselves with the high school and its many hidden clues. This time, be prepared to go on deeper, and more diligently as Nancy tries to unmask the evil perpetrator of the horrifying death that has rocked this little town in Florida.

Now let’s it’s time to give the various students around the school a shakedown. Are they merely teenagers with the angst of the world or is there something more sinister behind their beady little eyes? Only you can figure it out!


The Land of Jockstraps and Pom-Poms

At the gym, you’ll be meet Hulk Sanchez, Paseo del Mar’s wonderboy and athlete extraordinaire. Try to talk to him about himself, and the of course the dead kid Jake. After a while, he will refuse to talk (until you gather more evidence that is) to you. Beside him though, are a slew of posters on the wall. One of which is a poster of a Judo school (notice anything peculiar?) and a phone number that you can call if you want to 555-JUDO (5836).

Now its time to leave the land of the athletes and go elsewhere. Heading to the library, you’ll see a bunch of art exhibits that students have put up. There will be another bulletin board there, meaning there will be another clue. And what will the clue say? There’s more than one way – To remove a chain so thick – Aside from the combination – Mel’s bolt cutter can do the trick.

Awesome! Guess that means you’ll be using the bolt cutter again in the future huh?

The Study Dome – A Student’s Best Friend and Worst Nightmare

Untitled 42

Once again, skip past the library and head on down to the study dome. There you’ll meet the school genius, Hal Tanaka. He’ll tell you all about his dreams of becoming a doctor, reading people’s faces and then of course the unfortunate Jake. In the study dome, there’s going to be another bulletin board. Here you’ll get the clue as to how you can open Jake’s locker. The verse will read: Jake’s locker combo – Was part of his name – Just find a phone – To decode his name.

Jake’s name? Phone? Locker combo? Of course! If you transmute Jake’s name into the numbers it corresponds to in the phone number system, then you’ll end up with a code. But where will you find a phone in this school? That’s where the Student Union comes in.

Say bye bye to Hal and show yourself out of the Study Dome. You’ll know you’re there when you see the Senior Prom banner proudly displayed for all to see. Another bulletin board awaits you of course and it says: A Crane contestant in a masked disguise won the prize money despite all the lies. Crane? Huh? Better make sure you head to the Library after the Student Union. Another bulletin board will advice you to search below danger sign in the kitchen. Remember? That’s where we found the bolt cutters. Anyway, we’re done here so check out the Studen Union now.

The Student Union

Connie will be lounging in the Student Union so better talk to her. She’ll offer up some information about Hal and his grades slipping, Hulk and his injury and Daryl’s family going down the financial ladder. Of course, she will also ascertain that Jake is a jerk. There’s a big bulletin board in the union, the borders will say Side of School. If you’re unsure about what that means then you probably didn’t notice the Teacher’s Lounge in the Union with the door locked, haven’t you? There’s a bunch of posters again in the Union, one of them boasting about the Crane School of Self Defense’s Men’s Judo Contest. Hey Crane! Isn’t that one of the clues you got? Anyway… for more clues, look around the floor and pick up Hal Tanaka’s student library card. Then, go to the phone for a number of reasons. one, figure out Jake’s locker combination, two, check out the torn number of the Pharmacy from the phone book and finally, call up a few friends with your phone card. You can call them up and ask for clues but they’ll basically tell you to head to the library anyway.


The Ominous Boiler Room

Untitled 57

Outside the Union is the Boiler Room entrance. You’ll need to use Braille here. So for now, let’s skip ahead. Down the hallway, you’ll find the missing number of the Pharmacy: 555-DRUG. Another bulletin board will reveal this clue: Student files under lock and key will show the lies of a doctor to be. I wonder what Hal’s hiding this time? And where will you find students’ files?

Hey? Wasn’t there a locked door in the Student’s Union that says Faculty Lounge? Maybe that’s where they keep their files.

Library – A Treasure Cove of Knowedge

Now its finally time to make our way to the Library where answers promise to await intrepid explorers. (That’s a little clue for everyone! When you need answers, the library holds the key) Anyway, the Library is locked but if you’ve retrieved the Library Key from Aunt Eloise’s safe. So since I told you to do that, and since you’re all obedient detectives (which is a paradox really if you think about it) then we’ll have no trouble getting inside the Library.

Untitled 60

So if you’re ready, then I do believe it’s time to mosey on to the next article where yes, as promise the secrets of the Library will unfold before your very eyes. Be ready to do some serious research (or at least some choice book title searching). Remember what everyone has been telling you so far. The secrets that people have been keeping and the answers you’re desperately trying to reach will all be found within these halls. All it takes is a keen mind and a sharp wit about you.

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