Bomb Scares in Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger (A Walkthrough)

Bomb Scares in Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger (A Walkthrough)
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Bomb Threat

At Aunt Eloise’s house, a package from Hannah Gruen from River Heights (the Drews' housekeeper) awaits Nancy. Inside it is a letter and a videotape. If you want to know what’s in the tape, pop it into the VCR machine and watch. After watching it. go on up the stairs and take a rest. You do know that even detective needs their beauty rest. So sleep for the night and leave the sleuthing to tomorrow.

A fresh new morning! Time to go to work, so head on off to the WWB studio and try to get a headstart on the case. To do so, go to Rick’s room and enter. Uh-oh! Looks like someone’s been in Rick’s room and did some serious vandalizing. The words Die Rick is smeared on the mirror and remember the missing tape recorder? Well it’s here and a cute little note attached to it says “Play me”.

Once you play the tape recorder a sinister voice will start talking about blowing Rick up to smithereens. Uh oh! What could that mean? I think this case needs a little more looking into, so using the screwdriver we swiped from the set - let’s do some more internal probing. Use the screwdriver four times to get the case to open and inside will reveal a bomb tick ticking away! You need to disarm and luckily, we have the wire cutters to do the job. However, you need to cut the wires in the proper color. So how do we do this? Ok remember Mattie’s scripts and the highlighted colors in her script? Well that’s the order of the wires that need to be cut. So what was that again? Ahh, yellow, red, orange and blue. Whew! Now the bomb is disarmed and we’re safe.

Talking to Ned, Bess, George and Pappas

After the bombing incident, phone calls from Ned and Mr Pappas await you at Aunt Eloise’s house. You don’t have to worry about calling Ned back because the cut scene will immediately take you back to the house, on the phone with Ned. Unfortunately, the talk will be cut short as William Pappas will be on the other line. Pappas will be inquiring about you and the only no-no here is to say that you’re Brenda Carlton. Any other questions can be asked. At the end of the phone calls, you’ll be receiving another note from Mattie that George has been asking you to call. Why don’t you call her and Bess? Ask them about anything and everything. By the way, did you know that Millie Starthorn actually owns the studio?

After your calls, a letter that’s actually addressed to Mattie will be on the desk beside the phone. It’s the entry code for the Talent Entrance. That just means you can do some exploring at night now, hurray! So go ahead and switch to Night Mode.

The Studio at Night


Now going to the World Wide Broadcasting Headquarters, you will find that the main door is closed so you have to go inside via the Talent Entrance. The code you need is 3689 from the note you got at the house earlier. You shouldn’t be loitering around the halls because even though you’re an extra at the studio, being around at night isn’t anytime for an extra to be (especially since no one else is around). If you get caught by the guards, its lights out for you.

Anyway the first thing you’ll do, is head to Lillian’s (the director) room. use your actor’s pass on the doorknob to be able to get in. Why don’t we start with the bookshelves? You’ll notice one of the missing items from the Prop Room will be there (it’s the maracas!). Now you should check the Anger Management book, there’s a disk inside it. There’s rubber cement and castor oil inside here desk drawers (cluing in on the fact that if Jillian was the perpetrator these would be the materials she could use to sabotage things). Her rolodex will have a card belonging to Ms. Teri Gaime (sounds like Mystery Game to me!). Finally, look under the desk for the wastebasket. Looks like that hate poem could have been written by Jilliana as well.

Exploring Lillian’s Office

choco notepad

Now the datebook by the printer will show some serious insight as to Jillian’s activities. A lunch meeting at Chez Pierre (when she should be shooting but well conveniently the accident occurred right?) , rescheduling the Anger Support Group (Why? Did she have something more improtant to do?), and calling Moira Cunningham. Question is, who is this Moira Cunningham and does she have anything to do with what’s happening? Another thing to check out here is the series of numbers on the page which uses the same cipher we’ve been using for a while now. The message will say a line from a famous movie: Life is like a box of chocolates.

Then go to the fax machine and check out the paper printed from there. A message is hidden in this paper and to read it, you have to read the words written in Italics from the top to bottom. Doing so will reveal: A bitter hoax tainted with hate - is a secret revenge from a previous date." Hmm, so it this revenge of some sort then? Once you’re done with the fax machine, focus your attention on the printer and check out the notepad there. There’s some light indentations on it that seems to have come from the page before it. To find out what the message is, pick up the pencil on the floor and shade the paper. It’s the number to the Sorpresa Chocolates (555- 5469) the very chocolates sent to Rick by the saboteur.

Lillian’s Computer


Now go to the TV and pick up the clipboard underneath it. When you check out the clipboard, a page will be red and scrambled. Use the 3D glasses to be able to see what the message is. It’s a decoder - hang on to it because you’ll need it in a short while. Now then, take that disk from the Anger Management book and check its contents on the computer. But before that, check out the Bulletin Board above the computer desk that showed Lillian trying to bring changes to the set’s layout and a post it on the computer that said: Thorns and petals of demise are a bitter reflection of one’s envy and despise."

So you need to log in, but do you know the password to use? Well, remember that note on the logbook? That’s the computer password that we’re looking for. So enter Millie for the username and wwb1958 as the password. Place the disk in and discover the truth between Rick and Lillian’s relationship. Seems like the two used to date and well that ended bitterly, right? Also, don’t forget to print out the document in the PC, it’s actually a list of incidents that involves darling Rick. Before you log out, why not check the other stuff on the computer? Like.. maybe the filing cabinet (No go. You need an employee ID number), the Maintenance folder (boooring) and the Entry codes to various areas. The control room’s passcode is ACTOR but it’s in strange symbols. (Remember the page on the clipboard that you needed 3d Glasses for? That’s the decoder for this thing.) Also, don’t forget to read all her emails just for fun.

OK let’s deal with the password to the control room. Remember it’s ACTOR and also, that the keys there are in a funky symbol. So use the decoder earlier to try and translate ACTOR into the code. So what you need to do, is to take the word ACTOR and write the symbols the lines and dots around it would make. Confusing? Don’t worry! Here’s the answer to the password puzzle without even having to break a sweat. Gosh, aren’t I nice?

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