Millie's Riddles in Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger (A Walkthrough)

Millie's Riddles in Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger (A Walkthrough)
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A Welcome Solution

Once home, explain to Mattie that Lillian has taken away your pass and won’t allow visitors on the set anymore. Mattie will be a total genius and suggest you get hired as an extra on the set via her agent, Dwayne Powers. There’s really nothing to do for an extra on the set. They’ll just need you to be ready and on hand at a moment’s notice, so that means you’ll have enough time to work on solving the mystery.

Follow the address that Mattie gave you and hail a cab. When you go to the agency, remember to ring the buzzer twice before Dwayne actually lets you in. Mattie has already mentioned that you’ll be arriving so you don’t have to worry about a thing. He’ll immediately hire you, seeing that you and Mattie are friends. You can talk to him if you want to. Apparently, he supplies nearly all the talents of World Wide Broadcasting, even Rick Arlen before they came to a bitter parting. You’ll see the hatred he has for Rick based on the world that he used, like a ladder climber and a good for nothing who thinks that acting is about charm and not about talent. After your conversation, Powers will now confirm your being hired as the extra for the set. Talk about instant fame!

Millie’s Riddles

Now go back to the studio and talk to the guard again. Since you’re not using a visitor’s pass anymore, you’ll need to sign in again to get your ID. Once that’s done get straight to Millie’s Prop Room. The only way she’ll let you in is if you answer a riddle for her. Here’s where the distinction of the level of difficulty pops up. Each level provides a different riddle so here’s the riddle and the respective answer per riddle, for each level starting from the Junior Detective going up.


Soft as a petal that falls from a tree, the more I dry, the wetter I’ll be!: towel

I run all day and never walk. I tell you something but I do not talk.: clock

When you look at my face it’s easy to see, you’re looking at you when you’re looking at me.:mirror


Give it air and it will live . Give it water and it will die. : fire

What has a head and tail but no body?: coin

What has teeth but can’t eat?: comb


The more you make the more you leave behind?: footprints

What is full if holes but holds water?: sponge

What has four fingers and one thumb but is not alive?: glove

Solving the riddle earns Millie’s respect and subsequently, the chance to explore the Prop Room alone as she will go and unpowder her nose.

Inside the Prop Room


Once you’re in the Prop Room, turn around to see a bell with an inscription that says: The key to a mystery is revealed by the wise; when the bell sounds its toll and the moon makes its rise."

Cryptic. I wonder what it means? To the right of that are shelves with items you can look at such as the jewelry box, gramophone and a radio. Around the room there are various instruments such as the harp and the piano. When you check the sheet music, you’ll see that there are some colored notes. If you translates that to the letter representatives, you will see the words: Cage a bag egg, ace.

Hanoi Puzzle

There’s a map around here somewhere, and when you find it the edge will tell you that. When the gates are locked and paths are blocked, Then look for other ways. The answer lies beneath your feet to this perplexing maze. Cool rhyme huh? Anyway, grab the wire cutters by the side of the map before clicking on the chest below the harp. It’s a Hanoi puzzle and solving this will get you the hand to the clock at the set. The instructions are there, but basically you have to transfer the rings in order of size to the other side. This puzzle can be repeated for players who enjoy this kind of game.

Doorknobs and Bagpipes


Now to your left is a box of doorknobs, right now it may seem pretty useless but trust me, you’ll need it later when Millie goes cuckoo and takes the doorknob of the Prop Room away at night. There are more items on the shelves that you can look at: a gargoyle, birdhouse, diving helmet, clock, box and a crossoword puzzle. If you want to, you can try and solve the puzzle if you want. I’ve included an image of the crossword with the letters filling in the blanks in case it might be hard for you to solve. (Which I really really doubt)

The bagpipe is an interactive item in the room. It actually makes noise when you blow on it. There’s a locked cage, more shelves and a letter in the mailbox you can read that’s addressed to Millie. It’s an auction of some sort and the people are asking for some set pieces from Light of Our Love The oil can you’ll need is here as well. Remember the wheel for the ladder? You can use the oil can to grease it up and get it working. There’s also a Diary here, if you’re into those things and a map. By the way? The diary you found belongs to M. Starthorn and the map actually charts his course around the world.

Typewriter and Prop Room Desk

dropped y

Now, one of the most important items in the Prop Room is the typwriter. There are two things to note: One, that the Y here is dropped too, indicating that this is the typewriter used to write those hate notes to Rick and two the colored letters on the keyboard unscrambles to form the words: Hate Rick. Tsk, tsk… Looks like the threat is real.

Now, there’s a log book here someone. Grab it and open it to find a page written in code. Double ciphers again, so first change the numbers to letters and those letters to a reverse position in the alphabet. But well, we’re here to make your life easier, so this is the decoded message printed in the normal way for you: Many pages come before this - In the Log Book with a clue, But nothing comes after this, Unless its written in the glue.

There’s also a bunch of items that’s been signed out today as well as a bunch of missing items such as: fake beard, spirit gum, 3D glasses and a tape recorder. Now, shift your attention to the top right corner of the book and there’s something there that says Millie WWB1958. This could probably be a password so be sure to take note of it.

Once you leave the Prop Room, you’ll realize that it’s night time and almost everyone has left the building, so you should too. So say good night to Millie and then head back to Aunt Eloise’s house.

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