Investigating the Set in Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger (A Walkthrough)

Investigating the Set in Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger (A Walkthrough)
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Investigating the Set

After the pseduo jigsaw puzzle that you completed in Mattie’s dressing room, you’ll need to head to the studio to watch the scene between Rick and Mattie. Watch as Rick almost gets hit by a falling lamp. This event rattles everyone in the set and filming has been stopped for the moment, and the set closed to visitors. Looks like this stalker really means business… People will clear out of the studio giving you an opportunity to take a closer look at what happened. So take a look around - there’s a work bench to your left. Go near it and grab the smallest screwdriver on the wall, you might need it later.Also, take note of that utility cabinet beside you. It’s locked for now but don’t worry we’ll open it in a short while. There’s a ladder here, do you see it? If you tried to bring down the ladder by cranking the wheel then you’ll know that its of no use since the wheel needs to be oiled. There’s also another door there, once again locked.

To the right, you’ll find a delivery crate, take a closer look at it. Notice that there are certain numbers around the crate? It’s actually a cipher. The number represent a letter in the alphabet and from those letters you do another decoding by reversing the letters to reveal the words: Escape, Harm, Sound and Alarm. Further ahead is the spiral staircase that leads to the sound room. There’s nothing you can do there for the moment as the area is locked. You’ll be needing a code to enter and since we don’t have any yet, let’s move on.So without any further ado, get to the stage where the lamp fell.

The Actual Set and What Seems to be Missing

clock puzzle

Check out the disturbing message on the teleprompter. The first part seems to be just regular lines but as you read onwards, you’ll see that the stalker has actually written Rick a message. Back away from the prompter, take a look at where the light must have fallen, and take note of the broken bolts underneath the coffee table. Looks like sabotage to me,considering the bolts have been sawed off completely. To the right is a broken clock, can you figure out what’s missing? It’s the minute hand of the clock and I just bet that finding it will lead you to an important item. There’s also a hint of something - an outline of something that is on the floor. So now you’re heading out back to check up on Mattie and Rick but before you do, check out the vacuum door seal override and the fire alarm. Unless you want an early end to the game.

Interviewing Actors

3d galsses

So go talk to Mattie, she’s obviously very upset. From her point of view, the threats are very serious and very very dangerous. Judging from what we’ve seen so far, there’s really no reason why to think otherwise. Unfortunately, Mattie will be too rattled to talk and will decide to leave for the apartment. She promises to talk to you there later. Now then head on down to Rick passing by Pappas again and hear him on another phone conversation. Oddly enough, unlike Mattie, Rick seems very calm and discusses the matter with you lightly. He will leave the room and offer you the chance to poke around. DON’T pass up this chance! On the sofa is a box of Sorpresa Chocolates (FYI: Do you know that Sorpresa means surprise?) and a hate poem crafted after James Joyce’s poem only, meaner. The stereo has another warning that Rick seems to ignore: its a broken watch and a note that says, Your time is Running out.

The vanity will only ascertain Rick’s ego but will hold no clues (all it has are stuff like perfumes and signed pictures of him) , unlike the mini fridge over yonder. Attached to it are two more notes by “BT Kaisur” and photos with obvious strains of jealous lovers screaming at you. It seems to be written in lipstick, and oddly enough Mattie has oodles of them lying around her room.

Open one of the drawers and look at the photo inside it. There’s also a pair of 3D glasses there that you need to take. Rick won’t mind hopefully.(You’ll realize later that those glasses don’t actually belong to him).Another cut out note sits by the sink and another note is found at the top of the dresser and a box of dead roses. All of them talk about revenge, lost lost and danger for Rick. By now I’m sure you’ve noticed that the letter Y is dropped in every note indicating that it all came from one typewriter.

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