The Studio At Night in Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger (Walkthrough)

The Studio At Night in Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger (Walkthrough)
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The Studio at Night

Now leave the office and head to the Control Room. Word to the wise? Be sure to save because you’ll never know if some guards will be lurking around the hallways. If you get caught you automatically lose all the progress you’ve made and will have to have a do-over. Once you’re there, the first thing you should try to do is fix the clock in the set. Use the clock hand you got from winning the Hanoi Puzzle and attach it to the Eleven o’clock. A key will be your reward.

Next, head to the Control Room and key it in the password that you’ve decoded. Then use the key from the clock on the High Voltage box on the wall to turn it on. Afterwards, get the Security Tape on the shelf and then use the Cassette Player here to play the Bomber’s recorded message from the tape recorder. Even with the help of the audio control, you still can’t figure out who the saboteur is. So that’s a dud but a necessary dud. The white board will have a message that says: Light reveals what is hidden in the darkness - but you must first unlock the powers of the light.

For a bonus, you can play with the sound effects switchboard but it really won’t have any effect on the game, merely for your personal enjoyment. So we’ve done all we can do and we should be heading out back to the ground floor. Remember that locked door by the wall and the catwalk control? You can open it now with the same key you got from the clock. So we should turn the generator on now. The levers should be placed accordingly: top one, middle one, top one, bottom to far right. How did we do this? There is a poster there that shows how to move the levers. Each lever will change the positions of the other levers so this is the only method that will work. After you activate the generator, the gears will start turning.

A Trap Door

Now go back to the stage and look at the trap door by the end of the sofa. It’s an elevator of some sort. So you should go down, find the other end of the passageway and take the elevator up, taking you to the Prop Room Cafe. There’s a shirt there. Look in the pocket and pick out the name Owen Spayder and the guy’s ID number will be there too (318672001). If you’re wondering who this Owen Spayder guy is, he’s the temp worker among the list of temp workers in Lillian’s computer. His shirt sleeve is torn too, remember that for later.

Now, its time to fix that ladder with the cranky wheel. Use the oil you found in the Prop Room to grease it up and go check out the area there. There’s a piece of torn shirt near the lights. Seems this Spayder dude was in charge of the lights.

Now save, and then leave for Jillian’s office again. This time you have a name and an employee number (Owen W Spayder - 318672001). Check out Spayder’s log time and cross reference it to Rick’s accidents. Looks like something sinister is going on. You should try and talk to someone about this. Hey didn’t Dwayne said he supplied the talents of WWB?

Confronting Dwayne Powers


So now we’re heading to the Powers Agency. Hopefully to get some answers. You won’t be able to get in but, if you ring a different tenant, (Hess Grumbly), he’ll let you in because he was expecting a pizza delivery.

Once inside, you’ll be able to use your own pass to get through the door. .

Inside Dwayne’s Office

Let’s take a look around, starting with the small details, like: the newspaper about Rick Arlen, the weird looking plant and an unfinished chess game. Underneath it is a theater ticket. Coincidentally, Rick has the same tickets in his room. Now, go to where the coat hanger is and check the pockets. There should be a wallet there and in it a number - 4377-663. Then, among the books in the shelf there is a book on French phrases. Remember that mushy note in French we found? What does it mean then? There’s also a book called Lemarron. Was Dwayne the one who sent those mushy French love notes?

Afterwards, go rummage through the desk. A missing item from the Prop Room is here, the spirit gum. There is also an airline ticket to Rio. Powers seems to have a doorknob here. Why would he want to keep that unless he goes to the Prop Room at night after Millie takes the doorknob? Mores the question, why does he go there at all? There’s a bunch of books here too, with funny names for the authors. Look at clipboard to see some disturbing information. There are some negligents' phone numbers here, but the diagram for bomb making is what disturbs Nancy. Why would Powers have this? Use the decoder to translate the message included in the clipboard that will say: One will come and one will go - Never the two of their faces show, Follow one to find another, Catch the first you’ve caught the other.

Suspicions of Fraud and Bankruptcy

dwayne desk

Other items on Powers' desk will include an address book with the number of a mortgage company and a calculator with some digits in there. A fortune cookie will say: Even though revenge should be sweet - Jealous acts will end in defeat. It seems like Powers' is in a bad position financially. To get more information about what’s going on, check out the note left in the in-box with a nasty message written there. The briefcase can’t be open normally so you’ll need to use the numbers you found in the wallet to open it up. Inside it are important documents that talk more about Powers' financial straits, but the most important one of all is the cheque from Lillian to Dwayne.

Before you leave, use the key in the briefcase to open the filing cabinet. There is a bunch of stuff there you should look at: Rick’s Personal File (notice the change in last name?), Mattie’s File and Owen Spayder’s. (Do you see the anagram now? Owen Spayder - Dwayne Powers).

Watching a Security Tape

security cam

Once you’re done checking all the documents in the office, you should head back to Aunt Eloise’s flat. When you get there, check out the package that someone has left for you. It’s only an alarm clock but the message is driving at the point that it could be so much more. Be careful in the future! Maybe Nancy needs to talk to some friends to cheer her up or even confront Powers. Then, go to the Drawing Room and watch the security tape you swiped from the Control Room. The video will show that Dwayne Powers is skulking about the studio with a fake beard. Why would he want to do that unless he’s up to something sinister (Because beards are awesome!-Ed.)? Or maybe he just needs to pick up an extra income? Either way Powers is acting really strange.

For now, go get some sleep and in the morning get to the studio right away. Once at the studio, Lillian will thank you for trying to save Rick. But once you ask her about Owen and the chocolate, she’ll get mad and fire you. Before you leave the studio though, you should go talk to Mattie, Millie and Rick. They’ll tell you all they know which isn’t much. However, you should watch out for Rick’s reaction once you ask about Powers. Real animosity there right?

Final Confrontation

Dwayne Powers

With no other choice, you leave for Aunt Eloise’s apartment. Once you get there though, you’ll receive a phone call from Jillian asking you to meet her at the studio during the night. What could she want? Anyway switch to night time, use the talent’s entrance and meet the director. Now, an advice that you should really take is to save the game as you will be given a chance to explore and accuse various suspects but of course, in reality the bad guy is Powers. Duh isn’t it obvious?

Phone Call from Lillian

Untitled 27

So once you talk to Lillian, she’ll show you a threatening letter that she received that badmouths Rick. You can of course pick other people, but a real detective should never accuse unless she’s sure. So unmask Dwayne / Owen. Once you do give a name, Lillian will also give you an idea as to who the bad guy is. At this moment. Dwayne will arrive and turn off the lights. He’ll lock you all in the set and you can confront him about his actions and the reasons behind them. Once he’s done with monologue, Dwayne will announce his intention to kill you and Jillian. At the instant, quickly run to your right and pull the fire alarm and press the Vacuum Door release button. Activating this will trigger the Final Puzzle of the game. You need to solve it to run away from Powers.

And That’s a Wrap!

This puzzle is a memory game where you have to memorize the correct sequence of lights that will flash. The first correct button you push will cause a white triangle to appear and so on and so forth. Of course the more buttons you figure out, the faster it is to solve the puzzle. If you don’t finish the puzzle in time then you can use the SECOND CHANCE to retry. But keep in mind that the sequence will change every time you try again. Finally, once you’ve finished the puzzle the security guard will come and take Dwayne down.

Hurray hurray! Dwayne is captured and the game is done! He’s in jail, the guard is a hero and you’ve solved the case. As for the other characters… Lillian has left Worldwide Broadcasting and is directing her first film whereas Rick and Mattie’s characters have decided to tie the knot. Ahh.. All’s well that ends well I see. See you all later!

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