Nancy Drew -- Light, Camera Curses Walkthrough, Part 3 of 3 -- Nancy Drew Rocks the Casbah

Nancy Drew -- Light, Camera Curses Walkthrough, Part 3 of 3 -- Nancy Drew Rocks the Casbah
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Getting to the Director’s Hotel Room

Nancy Drew finds herself in the Hotel Lobby once again. This time she must figure out how to get the key card in order to get up to the room where the director has chosen to stay during the filming of the remake of Pharaoh. Start in this room by examining the fountain. Remember the note you found here earlier. Pick up the bird cane and use it on the clock. Look at the fountain again to get additional information. Read the paper in the mailbox to find out something about the recent security lock fixes.

Try to use the phone. You need the code to listen to the voice mail. Get the card in the fountain and use it on the telephone. Now you have the information you need. Grab the end of the rug and see if anyone hid anything under it. Get the N from here and use it on the rocket shaped object on top of the shelf. This reveals a big red button. Apparently in adventure games you always press big red buttons. Open the panel below the lobby’s desk. Move the security camera and use your decoder icon on it. You should now be able to get up to the director’s room without too many problems.

The Director’s Room

This room looks a little dark. Start by turning on the light switch. The boot on the floor looks like it might be of use, examine it more closely. Get the card from the boot and use it on the TV screen. A refreshing soda might be nice, or an item in the mini bar might be relevant to the investigation. Use the hand icon on the small refrigerator. Take the batteries from the minibar and put them on the camera. Now you can get the film out of it. The director has, conveniently enough, set aside part of his area as a dark room for your use.

You need to find a way to replace the red burn out bulb.Take the filter from the minibar and use it on the empty syrup bottle on the floor. Use the filter on the bulb in the nearby lamp. Great, now you have a red bulb. Use this bulb in place of the burnt out bulb in the darkroom.

You need to develop the wall. Read the note on the wall to figure out how to do this. Start by using the wrench on the faucet. Fill the sink with water. Dip the print in the black bin, the sink, and then the white bin. Use the enlarger and repeat the bin process. Pick up the clothespins on the floor and use them on the clothesline. Place the prints on the line. Finally, use the blow dryer to dry off the prints. You’ll see that the director has been taking pictures of a snake tattoo on the shoulder of the actress.

Another Lights, Camera, Curses Quiz

Ask the director why he would be taking pictures of Eda (the star) on the sly. He informs you that she is still at the Casbah. It seems that Eda has missed a recent meeting. Go back to the Casbah and make a few drinks until the bar clothes.

The Casbah After Hours

Lights Camera Curses Screenshot

You need to get the Casbah ready for the next busy business day. Start by using the audio wire on the microphone. Now that the singer and Master of Ceremonies (if there is one) can be heard by the audience, it is time to fix the rest of the audio equipment. Put the hand truck on the big box so whoever has to move it in the morning has an easier time of it.

You should also make some juice so the Casbah is ready for its next shift. Place the blender cup on the blender base. Put the apples on the shelf in the blender. Use the hand icon on the blender. Place the juice in the appropriate receptacle above the bar.

Get the screwdriver from the open case. Use it on the oval with the dead light bulb on the stage. Replace the dead light bulb with the new light bulb. Examine the oval light. Test the microphone by using the hand icon. Go to the right and adjust the settings on the hertz dial so the microphone broadcasts at the appropriate frequency. Use the red towel to safely pick up a blue bottle. Finally, use the blue key on the stool on the paper behind the glass.

The Casbah Piano

Lights Camera Curses Screenshot

You’ll see a book of matches on the table. Use these on each other. There’s a role of scotch taper here. Use it on the sheet music. Look at the sheet music to get its title. Put the mended sheet music on the piano so the person playing the piano tomorrow can use it. Put the sofa cushion on the floor. Get the penny on the sofa and use on the wishing well. Look inside the wishing well. Take the key from the fountain and use it on the piano lock. Use the sheet music on the piano keys, although why you need to do this is not made clear as you found the notes you need to play earlier.

Press the keys on the piano that correspond to DECDFA.

Behind the Casbah’s Open Door

There is not much you need to do here. Look at the paper on the floor. Use the paper on the floor on the fake wall. Use the fake wall on the hand icon. Remember the bit about what the ride needs to do to reset.

Visit the Film Noir Theme Park

Try to get in the car. The car’s locked door prevents you access to the vehicle. Use the lock pick kit on the car door. When you have successfully picked the lock, look in the car’s trunk. Get the wrench on the toolbox and use it on the car. Now that you have fixed the car, it is time to set it in motion and get to the docks. Try to use the car one more time. Nancy mentions something about a token. Look in the fountain for the token. Place it in the meter. The car runs through the boards. Use the look icon on the docks sign..

The Docks

Select the decrypter icon and use it on the wires on the phone. Use the phone to listen to the recorded message about the ship in the harbor. Get the net and use it on the paw prints on the floor. You now have the baseof a trap. Use the hand icon on the rope to set it. There are a few things you need to see that are far away. The binoculars will help you do this. Pick them up and use them on the lamp post. Put the fish heads by the lamp in your slingshot. Fire the slingshot at the lamp post. Use the binoculars to get the name of the ship. (The name of the ship is the same as the song on the sheet music, by the way.)

You need to cool something down. Start by putting the bucket near the rope in the water. Use the water filled bucket. Pour the water in the bucket on the key. Now that you can safely pick up the hot key, use it on the locked bin in this section. Get the hook in the bin and use it on the pulley. Open the crate marked NP. Get the wrench from this crate and use it on the pulley. Use the hand icon on the pulley and repeat the procedure. Open the red crate and look at the plans inside.

Counting Crows

This is another timed puzzle. Take the battery in front of the hedge and use it on your flash light. You mut match the color of a crow’s band or eyes up with a certain object. You must do this in a certain amount of time to be able to get to the locked entrance to the cellar. When all the crows have been dispersed, use your lock picking tools to gain entrance to the basement.

The Dark Basement

Lights Camera Curses Screenshot

Use the flashlight to find the box of matches. The best way to do this part is to find out where the candles are placed. When you know where the candles and the matches are. Use the matches on each candle. Like the crow sequence, this is also timed. Open the crate and look inside. There is not much more you can do here.

You will meet Eda, who has a few more questions for you. Remember that she did not show up for her meeting at the Casbah. That someone has been spying on her, and ask her if she has been responsible for the accidents. (She is the one who stole the flash boom, however. It seems that she is looking for something down here.)

Arthur Hitchen’s Office

Lights Camera Curses Screenshot

You need to go back into Arthur Hithens’s Office. The lockpick you need to get into the final areas of the game might be here, or it might not be. The only way to find out is to search for all the clues. Look at the envelope on the desk. Close the blinds using the hand icon. Look at the card on the window. Read it and then see if there is a way to use the fan at the plane. Use the look icon on the panel, calendar, book and coat. Use the calendar, book, and coat on the safe in that order. Open the safe and look inside. Use the phone number you get inside to see whose number you have just picked up. You seem to have gotten the desk of Lydia Lynn, a reporter for the tabloid you read earlier. Hitchens seems to be reporting the accidents to the tabloids.

The Set Again

Lights Camera Curses Screenshot

You need to sort out some things on the set. Start by using the screen you find here. Use the storyboard on the screen. There are several crates here. Open up the one labeled 73 and look inside. Get the item. Grab the obelisk from the floor. You know have a way to climb up to the set. Get the shovel and use it on the sand near the pyramid. You should dig up something interesting here. Look at the golden arc and find another puzzle. The goal of this puzzle is to select the letters that correspond to Egyptian Cobra. If you type one of the letters in wrong, the entire puzzle resets. Use the decoder symbol to help you.

You will get another quiz from the director the answers involve the makeshift photo lab, that someone put the snake in her locker, after you saw the cloak on the video chip, and to keep her from finding the lost footage. You’ll also see something of a rundown here which reveals a little about the nature of the accidents and which parties are responsible, but you are not done yet. There is still the problem with the flash powder, who stole it and why they needed to do so. Perhaps it has something to do with the Jewel of Karnak?

Starting the End Game

Go back to the cellar and relight all the candles. Use the lock picking tools on the sarcophagus. You’ll see a battery in the next room. Use it on the flashlight. You will undergo two mirror puzzles to get into the final room. The goal of these puzzles is to get the light to reflect up to an opening spot. When you complete this, you will come into another room. Look at the note about Lois Manson. You’ll also find out what happened to the jewel of Karnak.

You must spell the name Lois four times, but you must spell it using the proper symbols in order.

1st – Bird

2nd – Rain

3rd – Scorpion

4th – Pyramid

The dim-witted actress has been following you, but as it turns out she is not quite as slow as she has led people to believe. She stole the flash powder and intends to trap you here. She asks you how else she will become rich and famous as she expects the movie to bomb. Nancy’s only answer here is by starring in the show. After this quiz, you will face another mini-game. You must figure out how to blow up the bricks and go up a level before your opponent does. The in-game instructions are actually quite helpful here.

Get to the surface and find out what happens to the actor and the director. If you get the highest ranking, you get a slightly different ending than the lower scoring people receive.

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