Nancy Drew Dossier Lights, Camera Curses Walkthrough -- Part 2 of the 3 -- The Noir Theme Park Hotel

Nancy Drew Dossier  Lights, Camera Curses Walkthrough -- Part 2 of the 3 -- The Noir Theme Park Hotel
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Return to the Dressing Room

It is time to find out more information about the curse that plagues this Pharaoh production and the curse that supposedly caused problems with the original 1937 production.

Look at the box on the counter and the hat on the rack. Use the blue hat on the cabinet. Look at the cabinet drawer. Get the strangely named item from the drawer you just opened with the hand icon. Use the shaving brush from the drawer on the chalk outline on the floor. (Why is there a chalk outline on the floor anyway?)

Now that you can use the chalk as dust, use the shaving brush with the chalk dust on the counter with the fingerprints. Click on the buttons until you get the least amount of chalk possible. Examine the box on the counter to see if you can find any more evidence. Look at another box by the fan. Get the screwdriver from the floor and use it one the area near the desk. Look at the icon on the floor and match the letters with their drawings.

Another Conversation

Now you get to find out that the director plans to build another theme park to commemorate this movie. (There are already two theme parks on this property.) You also learn something about Z.B. Colingwood, the director of the original movie. (Theme park and Z.B. Collingwood are the answers by the way.)

Go to the Hotel

Lights Camera Curses Screenshot

The crew has been staying at the hotel in the film noir theme park. You must figure out where Molly McKenna is staying and you will do a little spying on the director later. For now, you must search this room for clues.

Start by looking at the magazine on the table. Examine the book on the disk and the sofa. The names in the book do not match up to the names on the staff. Perhaps the name used here are anagrams? Examine the key display and the piece of candy on the floor. Put the candy in the jar and look at the jar again.

Use the bird cane on the clock on the wall. Use the water can on the water fountain. Now that you have filled the water can, use it on the plant that looks a little parched. You’ll discover a class eye in the vase that contains the plant. Place it in the fish on the wall. Get the key from the fish’s mouth and use it on the cabinet underneath the poster for the movie Pharaoh. Look at the Pharaoh poster and enter the next puzzle. You need to decode the letters. The answer is Find the Naja Haje. Click on the oat on the chair and the hat in the cabinet. When you get the key card, use it on the elevator lock by the door. Use the lock pick icon on the door to unlock it.

Molly McKenna’s Room

The first production assistant’s room is much cleaner than most of the rooms in the other Big Fish behind the hidden object games. Start by looking at the remote in this room. It seems to be missing batteries. Look at the electric toothbrush by the sink. Click on the toothbrush to get the batteries, and then use the batteries on the remote. Use the remote on the television.

You cannot do much more with the television screen here. The letter and the steam iron may have some immediate use though. Plug the steam iron into the outlet. Turn it on. Use the letter on the steam iron. Read the letter from a computer firm telling her that she should write down her password if she keeps forgetting it. Take a look at the note that says something about the show on a certain channel. You now have the first half of her password.

Examine the boots. Get the card from the boots. Look at the television screen and look at the pen on the floor. Pick up the tweezers on the floor and use them on the pen cap. Examine the paper in the cap. Turn on the hot water in the room to fog up the mirror. Look at the fogged up mirror. Now you have all the information you need to enter her password. Look at the computer and then enter her password.

Another Lights, Camera, Curses Quiz

The production assistant catches you investigating her room. She does not seem to be too upset, but you must answer two questions. The answers are Pharaoh Philes and accuse you of lying. After you finish your investigation here, you will return to the room outside of the set.

The Pharaoh Set Hallway

Lights, Camera, Curses

Examine the glass cabinet that contains an axe. Someone broke it recently. Look at the yellow-green paint bucket. It seems to have an enticing glow. Flip the switch near the door and see what difference the lack of light in the hall makes. Read the message someone left by the door. Flip the light switch again and get the hammer. Use the hammer on the base of the statue. Get the blue key from here and use it on the editing room door. Because you are a new production assistant and you need to keep things neat and tidy, use the broom on the floor here.

Go into the editing room and play the decoding mini-game to reveal the information on the chip the original production assistant gave you.

The Prop Storage Room

Someone broke into the prop storage room and rearranged its contents. Nancy Drew has used the clean up excuse to cover her tracks, so she might as well start by putting things back in their place. The flash boom powder seems to have been the thief’s target.

Put the bird on the floor in the bird box on the top left shelf. Return the mummy on the floor to its sarcophagus. Move the urn on the floor to a spot near the plant. Take the spear near a plant and put it next to a hanging snake. (Get used to a lot of snakes going through this adventure.) Examine the snake box. Place the scepter in the snake box in the sarcophagus where you put the mummy. Examine the open sarcophagus. Use the ankh prop on the ankh prop to combine the two staves. Do the same thing with the staff prop. Use the litter scoop on the packing peanuts and place them in the appropriate receptacle. Look in the open crate where you just put the packing peanuts. Take the crowbar from the crate and use it on the alligator mouth. Find the packing manifest and place it on the clipboard. Finally use the crowbar on the crate that used to contain flash boom and look inside.

Nancy asks the question why anyone would want to steal flash boom, as there are better explosives available.

Nancy Drew faces another quiz when she finishes up at this room. The answers are as follows:

  • why was the room locked?
  • it was completely empty.
  • a bolt that was shaved off and a bead from Eda’s costume.
  • is still intact.

Investigating the Pharaoh Dressing Room

Light, Camera, Curses screenshot

Start by looking at the magazine on the chair. It contains another tabloid article by Lydia Lynn. You may also notice a very large lock has been placed over the locker that had its plate scratched out earlier. Use the pink lufa on the big lock. Open the green box by the mirrors. Take the screwdriver on the box and use it on the floor. Unscrew all the dead bulbs so you know the order in which to press the buttons on the lock. Look in all four of the burnt out bulbs. When you have the order down, follow the notes to open the rather intimidating lock.

Look inside the locker. It seems that the actress playing Nefertiti believes in a curse and knows something about the Jewel of Karnak. Use the hand icon on her lipstick, flower and pearl necklace. Examine the picture of Lois Manson. Look at the flower book, the locket and the paper. Use the hand icon on the glove. Examine the Karnak book and picture.

Watch the snake come out of the locker. Go back out and get quizzed by the clueless actress.

Another Lights, Camra, Curses Quiz

Tell her that you are a private detective and that the snake that came from her locker. She asks you about the book in the locker, which is about the jewel of Karnak. Listen as the production assistant comes up and tells you that someone released snakes from the creatures room.

Whether Nancy wants to or not, she must return the snakes and a few lizards to their appropriate cages.

Sorting Out the Snakes

Lights, Camera, Curses Screenshot

Look for the battery on the floor and use it on your flashlight icon Find the stick to safely handle snakes. Use the stick on the snakes and lizards on the room. This section is timed. If you do not put the animals back quickly enough, you must start all over. Once you get all the animals back, look at the Swizzlestick on the floor. Read the note on the floor by the scorpions. Examine the snake cage and find out the scientific name for the Egyptian cobra is the Naja Haje. Look at the can above the roaches. Tuna is not exactly a favored food for snakes.

Nancy Drew walks to the hotel. Examine the Pharaoh poster and the snake on it. Remember the letters DECFDA as you will need these notes to open a lock later.

Yet Another Lights, Camera, Curses Pop Quiz

You will face another quiz at the end of this sequence. Use the answers below to score the maximum possible amount of points.

  • Lights, Camera, Curses screenshot

    in Eda’s locker.

  • I found this swizzle stick.

  • Lois Manson. How did she end up with a poisonous snake on the set?

  • was broken into tonight.

  • was wearing a hooded cloak

  • the thief stole the Flash Boom?

Return to the Hotel. Nancy Drew has almost all the information she needs to figure out what is happening on the set. You may even find something out about the original curse that struck down Lois Manson. You may even figure out that the ditzy actress seems to be after the Jewel of Karnak that disappeared after the original Pharaoh Set was buried beneath the ground. Why anyone would want to steal flash boom powder must remain a mystery for now, as this pyrotechnic does not make a very effective explosive. You’ll encounter even more timed puzzles in the next few sections of the game.

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