The Best Nintendo DS Accessories

The Best Nintendo DS Accessories
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Accessories for Home and on the Go

The Nintendo DS is the best portable gaming system available. The bare Nintendo DS, however, doesn’t cover every potential scenario in which you would want to use your DS. What if you need to carry a large number of games while traveling, for example? To cover these other usage scenarios you will need the right Nintendo DS accessories.

This article covers the five best Nintendo DS accessories available today. They cover a wide variety of need, but they all have in common the fact that they extend the functionality of the Nintendo DS a great deal.

DS/DSi XL Protective Screen by Hori

One major problem which exists with any mobile electronic device is the danger of damage to the screen. The Nintendo DS is less susceptible to this than, say, an iPhone because the Nintendo DS at least closes to protect itself when to in use. Even so, there are a lot of situations where a Nintendo DS might be dropped or scratched accidentally. Glare on the screen can also be a problem in some cases.

A protective screen solves these problems. There are many screens available, but the Nintendo DS protective screens from Hori seem to be the best. Hori has received high ratings from customers thanks to ease of installation and removal. Protective screens obviously have to stick to the Nintendo DS’s screen in order to provide protection, and so the chance of a film being left behind on the screen can be a problem. The Hori protective screens provide protection but seem much easier to remove than other brands, making them a great Nintendo DS accessory. Hori protective screens are usually less than $10 dollars.

Game Card Cases

Nintendo DS Game Cases

Nintendo DS game cartridges are very small, but oddly this actually makes them harder, rather than easier, to store. They are so small that they are very easy to lose if you don’t keep in a safe, easy to locate place. You could just keep them in the cases, but they cases are so much larger than the cartridges that this is a very bulky solution, and certainly not something you can do if you’re traveling with your Nintendo DS.

Fortunately there is a simple, inexpensive Nintendo DS accessory which provides the solution - 16 game plastic game carries. These simple accessories are compact plastic trays capable of securely storing up to 16 Nintendo DS games at a time. They’re not super durable - I wouldn’t want to step on one, or anything like that - but they’re fine for placing in a backpack along with a DS. They also are inexpensive, with prices usually between $5 and $10 dollars.

20-in-1 Starter Kit

Nintendo DS 20 in 1

Made by Icon, this starter kit provides incredible bang for your buck. For only $19.99 this kit includes a carrying case, three replacement styluses, four screen protectors, four game cases, headphones, an audio splitter and a car charger. As the name implies this kit truly provides everything that you need to get started with your Nintendo DS, and it is undoubtedly one of the best deals available on any Nintendo DS accessory.

The only word of warning is that you do get what you pay for. The headphones are not that high of quality, the screen protectors are a bit fussy, and the cases feel cheap. This is still a great accessory because it gives you everything you need to use your Nintendo DS on the go, but you will probably replace a few of the items that come with this kit with higher quality items over time.

DS Nerf Armor

Nintendo DS Nerf Armor

Yes, Nerf makes video game accessories. It seems odd at first, but think about it - the soft foam which is used by Nerf for their darts and various other products is very soft. It was designed to protect kids from hurting each other when playing, but now it is being used to protect electronics from kids when playing.

The Nintendo DS Nerf Armor is very simple. It is just a foam case which straps onto your Nintendo DS and protects it form harm. It has a hinge which allows it to be attached when the Nintendo DS is open or closed, so unlike a travel case the Nerf Armor will also protect your DS, making it one of the best protective DS accessories. The foam does make the DS thicker, however, so small hands may run into ergonomic issues. The Nintendo DS Nerf Armor usually costs $14.99.

Ultimate Travel Case

Nintendo DS XL

The new Nintendo DSi XL is quickly gaining popularity, but it is of course larger than the normal DS, and so the traveling cases which have been designed for the Nintendo DS won’t work for the DSi XL.

This problem is quickly being solved, however, by new traveling cases designed just for the Nintendo DSi XL. The best of these is the DSi XL Ultimate Travel Case made by a company called Power A. The Ultimate Travel Case can hold your DSi XL and 8 games. It also has pockets for other accessories so that you can store a travel charger or some extra styluses.

Despite being made for the larger DSi XL, the Ultimate Travel Case isn’t too bulky. It will very easily fit into a backpack and will even fit comfortably into a medium sized purse. Anyone looking to travel with their DSi XL will find this accessory a perfect solution. The Ultimate Travel Case retails for $14.99.