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Top Nintendo DS Lite Skins

by: Anurag Ghosh ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Turn your pale white Nintendo DS Lite into something unique. Convert it into a portable canvas of art with urban, abstract or music skins. Here are some of the best and unique Nintendo DS Lite skins that can change your handheld into a fashion accessory.

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    Turn Your Boring Nintendo DS Lite into Something Unique

    This lighter cousin of the Nintendo DS is heavier on additional features, but comes only in few color choices. Simply flaunting a DS Lite in Onyx Black or Polar White is not the right way to show off your style. You might want to personalize your Nintendo DS Lite with colorful skins to convert it into a piece of art. Maybe you would love to adorn it with skins of your favorite music stars. The Nintendo DS Lite skins choices are several ranging from urban, abstract, and contemporary to music and gaming.

    While the best aspect of handhelds is their portability, they tend to get scratched up or get those greasy fingerprints all over their body. A Nintendo DS Lite vinyl skin not only converts your handheld into a personalized fashion accessory, but also protects it against dust and scratches. Moreover, the vinyl skins last long and can be easily removed. So, if your mood changes from Mario Kart to Lenny Kravitz, you can easily replace without worrying about any sticky residue. To know more about installing and removing a Nintendo DS Lite skin, check out the step-by-step tutorial.

    Nintendo DS Lite Skins are relatively very cheap and generally cost under $10, but you can spend a few more bucks if you have a special taste for urban, contemporary or music skins. Here are few unique decal skins that can convert your simple ‘Polar White’ Handheld into a style statement.

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    Bob Marley Legend and Lil Wayne

    Bob Marley Legend Nintendo DS Lite Skin The Bob Marley Legend Nintendo DS Lite skin is a durable vinyl decal to give your handheld a classic reggae look. But, if you like Hip Hop, then you would like to adorn your handheld with rapper Lil Wayne. Called as Shades, this skin adds a more urban look and feel to your DS Lite handheld.

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    Exclusive Kings of Leon “Only By Night”

    Kings of Leon DS Lite Skin Kings of Leon fans will love this music skin. This DS Lite decal is based on the hit album “Only By Night”. This 51st Grammy Award nominee has sold over 5 million copies worldwide. The skin has the cover design of the album which might look quite unique in your DS Lite Handheld. You can buy these and many other music skins if different genres from

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    Nintendo DS Lite Music Skins - Guitar Hero 4-Piece Nintendo DS Lite Skin

    Nintendo DS Skins Guitar Hero 

    For all you Guitar Hero fans out there, check out this cool skin with a guitar and a gothic design at the background. This 4-peiece skin set is available at The skin’s ultra high resolution and water-proof, high-glossy protective film protects it from fingerprints and scratches. What’s more, it does not leave any sticky residue when removed.

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    Urban/Contemporary Nintendo DS Lite Skins

    For those who like to personalize their DS Lite handhelds and convert them into fashion accessory will find a wide variety of urban and contemporary skins. Websites like Decalgirl and Gelaskins have a huge collection of modern and abstract decals. Gelaskins invites the best artists from all over the world to create unique, out-of-this-world skins.

    Just Cause You Feel It-Artist Stephen Daily 

    Just Cause You Feel It is for all you girl gamers out there who just want something more than just a pink DS Lite handheld. It truly combines the pink background with gothic art and is unique in all aspects. This 4 –piece vinyl skin features photo-quality graphics and art work which turn your DS Lite into a portable canvas.

    While there are many Nintendo DS Lite skins available for every occasion, genre and style, there are some excellent Nintendo DS Lite accessories to check out for. These accessories add life to your boring handheld and come in a variety of colors and designs.