Other Games

Other Games

Upcoming Game: Nostalgia

Developed by the company behind the Final Fantasy III and IV remakes, Matrix Software; this is an interesting take on fresh RPG for the DS where the player will explore the 19th century, steampunk version of our world.

Why Casual PC Games Are So Popular?

Casual game are online, on Facebook and other social networking sites, with popularity ratings soaring high every month. The Casual Gaming Association reports that around 200 million consumers spend their time playing casual games on the Internet and almost 70 percent of them are women.

$20 Bargain: Octomania Review

Join an eclectic cast of characters, including a samurai crab and a rapping tree, as they struggle to rid Lonronpia of a deluge of magical Takoyaki (balls of batter and octopus) by turning them into bubbles. Is this puzzle gaming at its finest?