Adding to Your Mob in Mobsters: Big Apple for the iPhone

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New Mobster on the Block

Adding other players to your group is the main feature of the MMO phenomenon of text based RPGs on the iPhone. What this tends to mean is that your strength as a fighter and ability to move through the levels of the game require you using the social networking aspects of the game to get people to join you. This process is always mutually beneficial as the most important thing here is the number of people you have and less how great they are within their account, though that can help in a minor way. Mobsters: Big Apple takes this feature and runs with it a little bit, allowing you the same features you have come to expect plus a little something new.

Business is Business

To start adding people to your Mob in Mobsters: Big Apple start out in the Business tab in the lower task bar, which is in the direct center in between Fight and Bank. This Business tab is the main page for Mobsters: Big Apple and has almost everything you need to get to. Go down to Invitations, which is directly below the Godfather. It is here where you can start your use of friend invitations and Mobsters: Big Apple Playdom IDs.


Right at the very top of the Invitations page it informs you that a larger Mobsters: Big Apple mob will allow you to deal more damage in fights and complete more up scale missions. Directly below this is your Inbox, which is where any invitations that people sent to you using your Mobsters: Big Apple Playdom ID or other ways will be. You will simply open this up and then accept each Mobsters: Big Apple invitation that you see. Below Inbox you will see Send Invitations, and this is where you will send invitations using that player’s Mobsters: Big Apple Playdom ID. Just type in the Playdom ID and then hit the Send button, sending them an invitation that will appear in their inbox.

Playdom ID

This Mobsters: Big Apple Playdom ID system is essentially a friend code system where you make your Playdom ID available to other Mobsters players so they can add you easily. Many times people use any open web or application forum to post their Mobsters: Big Apple Playdom ID. Your Playdom ID is located in the Invitations menu directly below the Inbox and Send Invitations section. At the bottom it will say “Your Playdom ID is” and then your Playdom ID in a white box below. My Mobsters: Big Apple Playdom ID is 10000063121, so add me to your Mobsters: Big Apple mob.

Favor Points

One other way to add to your mob without using your Mobsters: Big Apple Playdom ID or relying on other players is to use Favor Points at the Godfather. One use of Mobsters: Big Apple Favor Points is to purchase a Hired Gun. This can be a good use of Favor Points, though the most prevailing logic is that if the game uses friend codes in the form of Playdom IDs then it is not a great idea to waste Favor Points on them. A single Hired Gun costs twenty Mobsters: Big Apple Favor Points. Only waste your Mobsters: Big Apple Favor Points if you absolutely have to go it alone in the game.

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