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Common Favor Points

Mobsters: Big Apple makes money for Playdom on more than one platform. Not only does Mobsters: Big Apple for the iPhone cost money at the App Store, but they also have Favor Points for sale. These Favor Points are the same as PlayMesh Points, Honor Points, Respect Points, and all the other pay-to-cheat designs that have come before Mobsters: Big Apple. You buy these Favor Points and then use them in Mobsters: Big Apple to cheat your way through the more boring aspects. Here are some tips for using Favor Points in your Mobsters: Big Apple account on the iPhone.

Free Favor Points

When you start out with Mobsters: Big Apple you will start out with twenty free Favor Points. The likelihood is that this will not be the only package of free Favor Points for your Mobsters: Big Apple account to come. In the future look out for free Favor Points that come with updates or other incentives. This will likely come after the regular pay Favor Points packages are made available.

Using Favor Points

Go into Mobsters: Big Apple and select Business from the bottom task bar. From this menu select Godfather, which is right under Territory and above Invitations. Once you are in the Godfather you will see a number of different options for spending your Mobsters: Big Apple Favor Points. There are five options here and there is actually a hierarchy of where you should use your Favor Points. The number one place for this is simply spending Favor Points on money. Since one consistent theme with all MMO text based iPhone RPGs is that making money without leveling up is top priority then any way of making money without getting experience points should be taken. Second to this is going to be Hired Guns. This is often not true in games that have friend code systems, such as Playdom ID, because it is relatively easy to get friends. The only reason this Mobsters: Big Apple tip takes place here is that the next three are of even less value. After this you should go for Energy Refill, but only late in the game when leveling up fast does is not a detriment and mission hold large financial returns. Next would be Stamina Refill just so you can continue to fight other Mobsters: Big Apple players. The last one is Health Refill, and really is only valid if you keep being attacked repeatedly.

Maybe Not

The best tip you can take regarding Mobsters: Big Apple Favor Points is to not put them central. Cheating in Mobsters: Big Apple is not great to begin with and there are not enough Favor Points options to make it a viable sector of gameplay.

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