How to Add to Your Posse in Epic Pet Wars

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Brand New

Miraphonic’s innovative design has made Epic Pet Wars one of the best of the newly released free iPhone RPGs. The game integrates a relatively familiar text based RPG premise with a graphical interface that has more character than ever was conceived before and a re-imagining of some of the more enduring elements of the genre.

One aspect that remains the same is the need to add other players to your Posse so that you can perform jobs with a more seeable payout and lead your pet to victory in the fight ring. 

Here are the ways you can add other players to your Posse:

  • Pending invites
  • iPhone contacts
  • Friend codes
  • Redemption codes
  • Epic Pet Wars on Facebook
  • Posse Check
  • Treasure Codes

Pending Invites

Epic Pet Wars gives you a number of different ways to add people to your Posse. 

Pending invites is the first way…here are the steps:

  1. Start out by going to the World tab selected from the right hand side of the bottom task bar.
  2. Once you are here, you will see a whole list of different options. At the top is Pending Invites where all the invites that have been sent to you are located.
  3. When you select this you will go to a list of other Epic Pet Wars players that want you to join their Posse.
  4. Here you can just go through and accept requests either with discretion or in volume.

iPhone Contacts

Below Pending Invites is Invite Contacts where you can go through your iPhone Contacts list and invite people. When you select Contacts you can go through your phonebook and put a check next to each person you would like to send an invite to. After that, you just press the Send Invites button at the bottom to send one to each person.

Friend Codes

The next option is the Friend Code one and it is the most viable. Here you are given a text box where you can input the intended Epic Pet Wars player’s Friend Code to invite them into your Posse. At the bottom of this screen will be your Friend Code, which you then make as widely available as possible so that people will enter yours to invite. Mine is alozbs.

Redemption Codes

Below your Friend Code option is one for Redeem Code, which is for coupon redemption codes to add numbers to your Posse. These are promotional and hard to come by but can be found through internet searches and different offers from within Epic Pet Wars.

Epic Pet Wars on Facebook

The next slot is a technique that comes from Epic Pet Wars’ connection to Facebook. If you have linked your Facebook account to your Epic Pet Wars game profile you will be able to go through your Facebook friend list and send invitations to join your Epic Pet Wars Posse. Here they can join up with you by playing Epic Pet Wars either through Facebook or their iPhone if they own the device.

Posse Check

Once you have a few people in your Posse you can check the next section, which is just a list of those in your crew. Here will be a list of the pets being raised by your accepted friends and you can view their profile or engage them in other game elements.

Treasure Codes

The last option under the Epic Pet Wars World tab is for Treasure Codes. These are coupon codes for Epic Pet Wars to find things like promotional game items. Again, you can find these at and when they are available.

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