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Respect Points Mania

Just because Epic Pet Wars stands out as one of the absolute best MMO text based iPhone RPGs available does not mean that they have done away with a paid point system. Without this the developers of Epic Pet Wars would have little incentive to create and release it, none the less continue to make available updates. Here is a guide to buying, using, and possibly getting free Respect Points in Epic Pet Wars.

Buying Complete Packages

When at the main Epic Pet Wars screen go to Battle Master in the lower task bar, which is in between Battle and World. Once you select this, you will see that your number of Epic Pet Wars Respect Points will be listed at the top. Below this is a button that says “Tap to Unlock Pets / Get Respect.” When you press this, you will be able to look at packages that allow you to purchase both Epic Pet Wars Respect Points and get certain number of pet races made available. When you select one of these, it will take you to the App Store where you buy them like you would a normal iPhone application. It will download to your iPhone and when you open it you will load the Respect Points into your Epic Pet Wars account.

Buying Epic Pet Wars Respect Points Directly

The next button down on the Battle Master list is “Linkto EpicPetWars.com for More Respect. This button will open Safari and take you to EpicPetWars.com where you can purchase Respect Points directly from the company. These can be purchased with more means than on iTunes, but the process is not nearly as simple.

Using Respect Points

Below these two opening buttons it says “The Battle Master Offers You…” and you have a number of different options for spending your Epic Pet Wars Respect Points. You can spend these Respect Points to buy Yen, get different point refills, and Mood Refresh. Each of these has a different Epic Pet Wars Respect Point cost, so you have to weigh the costs and benefits. The best use is always going to be to trade Respect Points for Yen as you want to try to get as much as possible without being forced to do any work or receive experience points. The best choice is 100,000 Yen for seventy Respect Points because this is the best deal.

Free Respect Points

Epic Pet Wars follows the same development and release model that companies like The Godfather and PlayMesh do and you can expect many free Respect Points packages. These free Respect Points are usually used to get players to continue and download updates. Keep your eye out for free Respect Points by checking iTunes often and looking at the news feed inside Epic Pet Wars.

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