Most Played Facebook Animal Games - Best Animal Games on Facebook

Most Played Facebook Animal Games - Best Animal Games on Facebook
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Facebook Animal Games - The Best Animal Games on Facebook

Facebook animal games can be addicting, but at the same time, very relaxing. If you have had a hard day and just need to unwind, Birdland may be a game you want to try. Some of the games in this list may relax you, where others may aggravate you. Either way, here are the top five played animal games on Facebook.

Pet Society


Pet Society is the most played animal game on Facebook. In this game, you adopt a pet and change the appearance of the pet to what you want. Then you are in charge of taking care of your pet. You will have to bathe your pet, feed your pet, and play with your pet. If you don’t take care of your pet, he or she will become sad and ill. Pet Society currently has a little over 12 million players.



PetVille is number two on the most popular animal games on Facebook. This game is a lot like Pet Society. In this game, you adopt a pet, feed it, play with it, and take care of it. There are always new items and features being added to the game. PetVille has close to 9 million users.

Zoo World


Zoo World is a fun game that pretty much makes its own money. Not much work is required to make money in Zoo World. Basically, you are running a Zoo. When you get started with Zoo World, you will have to buy certain things like food stands, restrooms, and most important animals. You will have to spend money to build your zoo up. Then you money will start rolling in. You have to keep adding to the zoo to keep the visitors coming and satisfied. There are a little over 8 million users currently playing Zoo World.



FishVille is the fourth game on this list of Facebook animal games. The FishVille game allows you to grow fish by feeding them, and then catch them to sell. Some fish are ready to sell in a couple of minutes, where others take a couple of days. There are different stages the fish can grow to. The higher the stage, the more money and points you will get. As you climb up the levels, you can unlock more tanks to buy. So there is always something more to strive for. FishVille has a little over 5 million users.



Birdland is still a fairly new game, but it is making its way up the ladder. In this game, you have to purchase a male and female bird to mate them. Then little eggs will hatch and you will have more birds. This is a relaxing game to play. You can sit back and watch the beautiful birds fly around with a beautiful backdrop behind them. You will also have to feed and water the birds. At this time, there are right at 2 million players playing this game. So, this is a Facebook animal game that should climb near the top soon.