Legions of War: Adding Legion Members

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Legions of War follows much of the same PlayMesh formatting rules that were established by iMafia II. With that means a completely internalized crew system where you add to your “legion” by purchasing members as a normal commodity instead of requiring other Legions of War players to add you. This has both benefits and problems, but adding legion members is still one of the most central parts of Legions of War.

Legion Members, PlayMesh Points, and The Gods

When you are opening up Legions of War, you can look at it either in the vertical or horizontal views. You can get to purchase legions either way, but you may have an easier time with the vertical view. Go down to The Gods, which is highlighted and sitting under Properties and above Prefect. Open up The Gods and then go down to the very bottom of the view and press The Gods Offers button instead of the PlayMesh Deals button. This will bring up a menu where you can either spend PlayMesh Points or purchase legion members.

You have essentially two options for purchasing legion members in The Gods. Go to the very top and you will see a bar that says “Hire a legion member” on the left hand side and a price in green on the right. If you tap this bar once you will change the bar into a long blur button that says Confirm Payment in the middle. If you press it again you will buy the legion member for the price that was set in the top bar.

You can also use PlayMesh Points to buy legion members. In the area where you can select items for purchase with PlayMesh Points you will see a slot where two legion members are able to be purchase for twenty PlayMesh Points. Just as with the normal legion member purchase you simply tap the bar where the selection is listed twice and you will have spent the twenty PlayMesh Points on the two legion members.

Legion Tips

Each time you purchase a legion member the price goes up. Once you have large numbers of legion members the price will be exorbitant. This is the best time to use PlayMesh Points on your legion members. Since you are also going to need legion members when purchasing Legions of War property, you need to purchase them periodically. Make sure that you keep up your legion, otherwise your Legions of War account will get far behind.

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