Into The Past: Legions of War Review

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All about Theme

Legions of War takes some of the more classical themes of medieval warfare and strategy that have marked many tactical role playing games. Unfortunately, Legions of War is not a tactical RPG. Instead, it is the same as all of PlayMesh’s text-based role-playing games for the iPhone, which means that it includes the numerics of completing missions, investing in property, upgrading your character, and fighting other Legions of War players. This does not make Legions of War a bad game by any means, but instead of having an inspired theme on a tried PlayMesh framework we see nothing that innovative in either the gameplay or the theme.

Legions of Players

Legions of War is the same as every PlayMesh game. The only thing that tends to set these games apart is the creativity in theme, the success of the graphic design, and the titles of each element within that theme. Legions of War is a unique title for PlayMesh as there really are no European medieval themed PlayMesh titles, yet there are in other franchises. Instead, what we have here is a game that feels so familiar that it is difficult to find a reason to play it. The theme is in no way unique enough to take away from players of Warbots or Ninjas. It is not ironic enough to attract those who play Wild West and Pirates. It is too new to steal away the hardcore players who go for the updates of iMafia II and Street Racing. Instead, Legions of War is just a fairly mediocre title that does not offer enough to create a unique audience.

Pocket Gaming

If the middle earth inspiration is good enough for you then Legions of War may be a good choice. It has a nice map look horizontally and maintains the functionality set by the iMafia II model vertically. The only thing here is that there is no reason to choose this above any other similar title, which makes it much less appropriate to recommend. PlayMesh recently released Heroes, which is a much more involving theme for a text-based iPhone RPG. Five out of ten stars.

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