Legions of War: Using PlayMesh Points

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Medieval Warfare

Legions of War is a themed text based iPhone RPG that is a little removed from the normal PlayMesh motifs. Though its medieval characterization may not remind you much of the mafia, racing, vampire, or science fiction inspired titles PlayMesh has brought previous, many of its gaming elements will. The one part that is true of Legions of War as is true of the rest of PlayMesh’s library is the sale of PlayMesh Points and their unique employment in the game itself.

Buying PlayMesh Points

When you are in Legions of War go visit The Gods, which is on a small island to the right of the mainland Marketplace and above the lower Quests island. The Gods are actually highlighted in a light gold dusting, which makes it easy to see at first glance. Once you actually get in there you will find that this looks similar to most PlayMesh Points areas. If you do not already have PlayMesh Points you can hit the PlayMesh Deals button at the bottom where you can select different PlayMesh Points packages. When you find one that you want you can select it and it will take you to the App Store on your iPhone where that PlayMesh Points package is located. From here you just buy it as a normal iPhone application, where you purchase it and let it download to your iPhone. Once it is on one of your iPhone desktop pages you just select it and open it and it will add that selected number of PlayMesh Points to your Legions of War account.

Using PlayMesh Points

When you are going to use the PlayMesh Points in your Legions of War account you go back to The Gods and instead hit The Gods Offers button. This will give you a number of options for spending your Legions of War. The best choice for spending your Legions of War PlayMesh Points are going to be on legion members. Legion members go up in price the more you get and Legions of War requires you to do this consistently. You get two legion members for only twenty PlayMesh Points, so all PlayMesh Points should be targeted toward that in a best case scenario. If you already have more than enough legion members then go for money, especially if it is early in Legions of War and you are looking for ways to get money without leveling up.

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