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Ravenwood Fair Hints and Tricks

by: Ange P. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Enter a cursed forest with monsters and evil waiting to strike fear into innocent woodland creatures in Ravenwood Fair. Learn some of the best tips for building the ultimate fair while earning a massive amount of coins. Discover the secret to leveling up fast and other tricks to reign supreme.

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    John Romero’s Ravenwood Fair - Hints and Tricks

    Ravenwood Fair In LoLApps’ Ravenwood Fair on Facebook players enter a haunted forest filled with mystery and monsters. The main objective of the game is to build an enormous fair for the local animals in the kingdom to enjoy. Turning miles of dense woodland into an amusement park can be an arduous task. In this article you’ll learn the best tips for clearing out the forest quickly, preventing thorns and trees from growing back, earning the most profits, leveling up faster, and tackling some of the more complicated missions. Creator John Romero infamous for his slew of popular PC games from Doom to Wolfenstein 3D made Ravenwood Fair quite challenging. These hints and tricks will make constructing a carnival in a spooky forest a breeze.

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    Gaining the Beaver Chop Power Up

    fair games Similar to Frontierville players have to clear the forest by chopping down trees. Evil spirits and beasts hide behind them waiting to jump out to scare visitors. Each cut tree drops loot in the form of building materials, coins, food, or special items. Occasionally a Beaver Chop Power Up is given. Almost like a mini-game when clicked a meter at the bottom of the screen appears. It functions as a timer. Players must quickly click on trees to chop them down instantly with only one chop. The secret to using the Beaver Chop Power Up is to click on as many trees as possible don’t worry about collecting the falling loot. Try to select trees within range. Choosing a far out or difficult to reach tree will slow up the chopping process. This special power really saves time. Wait until you have a full bar of energy before starting it. Players who have the extra Facebook credits to spend can purchase it also. After a tree has been cut and roots pulled it will grow back. The best way to prevent this is to place a ground decoration down in its place. The most inexpensive is the dirt path for 30 coins. Later when designing the fair it can be easily removed or sold without much loss.

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    Hints and Tricks for Leveling Up Faster

    Hints and tricks for Ravenwood Fair Completing quests, setting up various attractions, and keeping guests happy are also essential in order to create a successful fair ground. Quests vary from beautifying Ravenwood by placing flowers to adding special food carts or games. Completion earns valuable XP along with coins. Always pay attention to the hint box located below the quest to lead you in the right direction. To find the hidden dunk-a-bug, churro stand, and thunder boxes to de-thorn scan the areas near the rock edge and past the middle of the forest. Cut down surrounding trees to get to it. Building games, lodging, and food stands not only earn bonus experience but boost earning potential as well. It’s easy to forget about attractions once they’re up and running. Periodically check on each venue by hovering your mouse over it to display the amount of stock left. If it’s less than half full click restock. Monitoring buildings to keep the functioning will generate more income and XP. Although annoying at times furry visitors are your bread and butter. Keeping them content and thoroughly entertained increases earnings. When spooks in the forest scare them quickly click on them to comfort so they can continue to spend money at your park. Following these helpful hints and tricks for leveling up faster will make creating the ultimate wonderland in Ravenwood Fair easy.