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Jet Fighters Tips: Military Bases

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are Jet Fighters Tips and Guides for starting out with Military Bases early on in Jet Fighters for the iPhone.

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    Better Jet Fighters Tips

    Jet Fighters follows the same strategic patterns set ahead by iMob Online, Girl Wars Online, iDragons Online, and iVampires Online. This means that the main Jet Fighters tip that should be followed is remaining static in early levels. What this means is that most Jet Fighters players should avoid leveling up as long as possible. The reason this Jet Fighters tip is so effective is that what you want to do is pad your Jet Fighters account as much as possible before positioning yourself against more accomplished players that may attack with Air Strikes. The main feature of this is to make sure that you have financial stability far beyond your Jet Fighters level. To do this you have to put together a real estate plan that is in conjunction with your lack of leveling.

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    Military Bases

    What separates Jet Fighters from iMob Online and iVampires Online but puts it in line with the new Girl Wars Online is that the property system does not require base properties. Instead of being forced to buy specific types of lots and then build on them, in Jet Fighters you just buy lucrative pieces on their own. This section, in Jet Fighters called Military Bases, is easier to start out with than it was in iMob Online. What this means is that the first amount of money you have should be spent on a Military Base. You will start out with $5,000 in Jet Fighters, and that is the base price for a Landing Strip when you do not own any. From here you should wait until you accrue money and buy several.

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    Property Plan

    Once you have several landing strips you can go up a few levels with Assignments until Subterranean Bomb Shelters are made available. Now you can alternate between Landing Strips and Subterranean Bomb Shelters when buying Military Bases so that one does not get too expensive. After you have a couple dozen of each of these in your Jet Fighters account then you can feel free to level up again. The best Jet Fighters tip that is available is that for the first two dozens levels the main place your money should go is into Military Bases.