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Jet Fighters Tips: Tips for Fighting

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some tips for fighting, or Air Strike, in Jet Fighters for the iPhone.

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    Fighting Tips

    Fighting, also referred to as Air Strike, is a major part of Jet Fighters for the iPhone. This, combined with prestige in terms of performance statistics, make up the competitive aspect of Jet Fighters. Fighting other Jet Fighters players requires planning and expertise right from the beginning. Here are some tips for Air Strike fighting in Jet Fighters.

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    No Leveling

    The first thing you have to figure out right from the beginning is that you have to craft your Jet Fighters account so that it is ready for fighting. The best way to do this is by avoiding leveling up as much as possible in the early part of Jet Fighters gameplay. Instead, you will focus on building Military Bases and purchasing Weapons Systems so that your account is better packed with resources and income than it would be several levels ahead. This will keep you above the curve from then on out as you progress through Jet Fighters.

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    Experience Points

    When you do decide to level up you need to focus in your statistic points toward fighting. The main one is to spend most of your points on Attack so that your Jet Fighters account is above the bar in offense. Later on you are going to want to also focus in on raising the possible stamina points, though these cost two points each. If you notice that you are getting attacked quite a bit you should raise your defensive points otherwise you are going to see your Fights Lost numbers out weigh your Fights Won.

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    Air Strike

    When you are in the Jet Fighters Air Strike you have to pick an opponent that you are aware that you can beat. Find those who have Squad sizes below those allowed by their level. Take their current level, multiply it by ten, and then you will see the total number of Squad members their Jet Fighters account is allowed in battle. Always make sure you have more than this number and your opponents have less. It is always better to attack someone that you know you can beat for sure instead of taking the risk on a better player. Another important tip is to avoid attacking Wanted players early on as these are difficult to win even at higher levels.