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Adding Friends to Your Jet Fighters Account

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here is a complete guide to adding friends to the free iPhone Game Jet Fighters.

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    Jet Fighters Free

    Jet Fighters works the same as other free iPhone games from The Godfather in almost every conceivable way. iMob Online, iVampires Online, and Girl Wars Online helped define the genre and are still some of the best examples, and the friend code system has been extended to Jet Fighters. Here is a guide to adding friends to your Jet Fighters account, which is the most crucial aspect of the game.

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    When you are in the main Jet Fighters display go to the far right button in the bottom task bar entitled Recruit. The Recruit menu is the one that you will use for all of your friend additions in all different ways.

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    The top option, listed Pending, is where all the friend requests that have been sent to you will be. When open Pending you can accept each friend request individually or all at once. The best option is to accept all friend requests in Jet Fighters.

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    Location With GPS

    Below Pending will be Location, a tool that uses the GPS system on your iPhone to find Jet Fighters players near your physical location. When you press Location Jet Fighters will do a quick location search and then show you all the players in your area. You can choose to add them individually by pressing on the name.

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    Friend Codes

    The next option in the Recruit tab is the most used. Friend Code is where you go enter in Friend Codes for different Jet Fighters players. Each player has a unique Friend Code for their Jet Fighter account that you can then enter to add them to your account. When you open up the Friend Code option you will see your Jet Fighters Friend Code listed on top and then a place to enter the nine digit Friend Code for other Jet Fighters players. Using Jet Fighters Friend Codes is the easiest way to get large numbers of friends, mostly because you can paste your Friend Code on a number of message boards and websites. My Jet Fighters Friend Code is 118 081 496, so add me as your Jet Fighters friend and feel free to post a comment below with your friend code.

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    Redemption Codes

    The last way is through a Jet Fighters Redemption Code. These Redemption Codes work similar to Jet Fighters Friend Codes, yet do not add other players in the same way. Jet Fighters Redemption Codes are often used for promotional purposes and are relatively rare. Do not expect to use many, if any, Jet Fighters Redemption Codes in your normal Jet Fighters gameplay.