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Flying High

Jet Fighters has a theme that links everything to the technology of military airplanes and battle, but the format is still similar to that set up by iMob Online. Instead of Real Estate we have Military Bases. Instead of Fight, there is Air Strike. The Bank has been renamed Fort Knox. All hold the same functions in Jet Fighters as they did in iMob Online, but the names are altered. Similarly, Repairs works the same way as Hospital did in iMob Online. Using Repairs in Jet Fighters can be useful, if you know how to use it and if it is necessary.

Jet Fighters Fort Knox

To start with, you have to have money in your Fort Knox account to be able to use Repairs. You cannot just pay with your Jet Fighters cash that you have off hand to repair your fighter. Because of this you may want to start putting a small amount of money in the Jet Fighters Fort Knox so that you can have some in case of a Repairs need. There is going to be a fifteen percent surcharge that is applied so be aware that it costs to put money in the Jet Fighters Fort Knox.

Jet Fighters Repairs

When you are at the Base view in Jet Fighters select Repairs, which is just below Fort Knox. Here you will see how much money you have available in your Jet Fighters Fort Knox account to use in Repairs. You will then see the cost to repair your fighter with its current amount of damage. To do so, just press the “Pay repair bill” to repair your fighter.

Jet Fighters Tips

Using the Jet Fighters Repair should be used only occasionally. It is expensive and requires that you actually use the Jet Fighters Fort Knox, which is in and of itself an issue. It is good to use this only in cases where you have a number of fights you want to complete in a given amount of time. This should happen once you are higher in levels and have a high number of possible stamina. Try not to spend money on Jet Fighters Repairs if you are low on money to begin with and it would require you to put money into Fort Knox.

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