Big Business Game Guide – City building on Facebook

Big Business Game Guide: Buying Homes

Big Businness

Before you build up your Big Business empire, you’re going to need some homes for your citizens. From the shop icon, you can access the homes in the game. You’ll start with some basic cottages and houses. As you level up estates, manor house, apartments, and luxury condominiums become available. Each house will use up electricity so make sure you have some power stations to accommodate them. One station is good for the beginning stages of your game. Click on houses to add population to your growing city.

Big Business Game Guide: Entertainment Structures

Big Businness

Your residents need to be entertained and you can’t add additional population without these structures built. Hot dog stand, coffee house, swimming pool, and newsstand are some of the basic early entertainment buildings. Build these when you can no longer add any more population from your houses. As you level up you can build a book store, tennis court, pizza parlor, movie theatre, basketball court, radio station and other structures. More advanced structures will add more happiness to your city, which will allow for increased population numbers.

Big Business Game Guide: Businesses

At the core of the game is the business. You’ll start with some basic farms, which will make grain for you. This grain is taken to a milling plant to be made into various goods or you can just take it to the grocery store for sale. You’ll need trucks from a garage to move your goods around in the game. Other business structures include the ranch where livestock produces milk, eggs, and wool. A confectionery plant produces treats like doughnuts or muffins. It’s up to you to decide which businesses you want to operate. Be sure to upgrade your businesses when you have the funds to allow more goods to be produced by that structure. Your structures will look different after the upgrade is complete. Some crops and goods will take game cash to produce while most will just require coin expenditure.


The service building will help to improve your city. For example, the headquarters will provide you will additional coins over time. The power station provides your city with needed electricity. The unique goods store allows you to buy unique ingredients, while the research center allows you to research technologies. Having service buildings is a good way to help keep your city operating efficiently.


Big Business doesn’t offer that much in the way of decorations so you are limited in the way your city can look. You’ll find a few trees, park, picnic area, and a few fountains but overall you just don’t do much decorating in the game.


Big Businness

Sometimes in the game events will happen. This can include the need to pick up trash, put out a fire or rescue an injured person. All you need to do is click on the event and it will resolve automatically. Even if one of your structures is on fire you won’t lose the structure after the event is over with. Helicopters will appear once the event is underway and will put out fires or rescue people. Click the balloons that appear over the city periodically for some cash.

Landscaping and Road Construction

Big Businness

You can change the look of your land by using sand, water and grass titles. Sometimes a structure won’t fit properly in the area you want and you’ll need to modify the land a bit to get it to fit in that area. The build road tool puts roads wherever you want them. Use the road destruction tool to remove roads when you no longer want them.

Gifting and Achievements

Gifting in the game is a little different. You can send a few free gifts to your friends but many gifts cost game coins to send. This is an odd design decision and because of it you won’t receive many gifts in the game. You can see your friend’s wishes and send them the structure if you can afford it. In the game, you’ll also collect achievements for completing tasks such as building different structures. There’s quite a few to collect in the game.

Making Money

Big Business is a slow moving game in the early stages and you won’t make that much money. Structures tend to be very costly so you’ll add them slowly one by one. Don’t expect to have yourself a massive city in short order it doesn’t work that way. Take your time and enjoy this casual game. Make sure you have enough businesses operating in your city and slowly you’ll see you revenues improve and you’ll make decent money in the game.


Big Business is one of the better city building games on Facebook and has a great economic model. You’ll feel like you’re actually building a city with this game. Take your time and enjoy Big Business and before you know it you’ll have a great looking city and be making tons of money.