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Heroes III is Ready

Heroes III acts as the perfect addition to PlayMesh’s Heroes franchise, and the updates to the Heroes are enough to make you want to show up. The one constant through all generations and titles in PlayMesh’s factory of free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs are PlayMesh Points. Here is an over arching guide, and set of appropriate tips, for using, buying and finding free Heroes III PlayMesh Points.

The Immortal

The easiest way to approach the basic Heroes III functions is to hold it upright in the vertical Portrait view. To begin working with your Heroes III PlayMesh Points go to The Immortal, which is under Properties and above the Justice Force. If you are in the horizontal Landscape view, you can find it in the dead center of the city, towering over everything else.

Spending Heroes III PlayMesh Points

Inside The Immortal, you will see that the number of Heroes III PlayMesh Points you have currently will be listed up top. Below that will be an option to purchase a Heroes III Alliance Member and then several options for spending your Heroes III PlayMesh Points. These options include getting money for free, trading the PlayMesh Points for a couple Heroes III Alliance Members, getting full energy, health, or stamina, and several that have to do with the base nature of your account.

If you want to spend your Heroes III PlayMesh Points on one of these options just select it, which turns it into a Confirm payment button. Then you just press it again to make the purchase and you will spend the selected number of Heroes III PlayMesh Points for the item you wanted.

Buying Heroes III PlayMesh Points

You can easily purchase Heroes III PlayMesh Points right from inside Heroes III. When you are in The Immortal, select the PlayMesh Deals button at the bottom of the screen instead of The Immortal Offers. Here you are going to have a number of different Heroes III PlayMesh Points packages that you can buy with real money. Just select the Heroes III PlayMesh Points package that you want to purchase and you will be taken to the iTunes’ App Store page for that Heroes III PlayMesh Points package.

From here, you can buy it and download it to your iPhone. Then just open up the Heroes III PlayMesh Points package and it will open up your Heroes III account with the new PlayMesh Points in tact.

Getting free PlayMesh Points for Heroes III

PlayMesh always allows you to get free PlayMesh Points for each of their games as a way of enticing you to stay. Heroes III is likely to receive free PlayMesh Points at some time in the near future, but you will get some free PlayMesh Points in your account just by downloading this Heroes III update. There is another way to get free PlayMesh Points right inside of Heroes III. If you go back into The Immortal where you normally by Heroes III Alliance Members and spend Heroes III PlayMesh Points.

In here you will find a link to the new non-RPG game by PlayMesh, Tic Tac Toe Online. Once you download and install the free version of PlayMesh’s Tic Tac Tow Online you will get twenty free PlayMesh Points in your Heroes III account. There will likely be other offers for free PlayMesh Points in Heroes III, especially based on interactions with other PlayMesh free text based iPhone RPGs.

Heroes III Tips for PlayMesh Points

When using Heroes III PlayMesh Points you have to remember that spending them on Heroes III Alliance Members is the best tip you can get. Alliance Members get progressively more expensive the more you have, and you have to keep adding them. They can become unbelievably expensive, which ends up making Heroes III Alliance Members the most scarce element in the game. Two Alliance Members cost twenty Heroes III PlayMesh Points, which is a small cost once their price begins to soar.

Beyond this, you can wisely use Heroes III PlayMesh Points on free money, but wait until that amount of money is high. That effect is dictated by how far you are in Heroes III. Avoid wasting Heroes III PlayMesh Points on things that do not have an effect on gameplay, like changing account information.

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