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Heroes III Tips: Heroes III Services

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some tips for using the Heroes III Services, which include the Vault and Hospital.

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    Heroes III Services

    The new PlayMesh model, which Heroes III is emblematic of, mashes the Vaults and Hospitals into one center. This new area, called the Heroes III Services, includes both in full. The only difference is that you are able to toggle back and forth between the Heroes III Vault and the Heroes III Hospital with buttons at the bottom, but stay in the same area. Here are some tips for working with the Heroes III Services.

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    Heroes III Hospital

    Once you are in the Heroes III Services you have to hit the button at the bottom to decide what one you want to go to. If you select the Heroes III Hospital button on the left you will go to the location where you can pay to heal yourself In the middle will be a blue Restore button with the cost to heal you listed above it. This cost is estimated by your current position in Heroes III.

    At the top of the Heroes III Hospital screen, you will see your balance listed for the Heroes III Vault. The reason for this is that you can only pay your Heroes III Hospital bill with money that you have stored in the Heroes III Vault.

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    Heroes III Hospital

    You can then hit the Heroes III Vault button to the lower right of the Heroes III Services window when you want to use that. Here you will find a text prompt where you can enter in a dollar amount. From here, you can then hit a Withdraw button or Deposit button, depending on what you want to do with that amount. All Deposits into the Heroes III Vault will have a ten percent fee taken out of them, but all Withdrawals from it are free.

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    Heroes III Tips and PlayMesh Points

    The thing you have to think about when using the Heroes III Services collectively is whether or not it is worth it in a financial sense. To use the Heroes III Vault you have to both pay the Vault cost and the Deposit fee of the Heroes III Bank. Both of these need to be saved for emergencies and it is never advisable to simply store all of your money in the Heroes III Vault.

    Most of the time you should avoid the Heroes III Hospital and allow your account to heal naturally. Though you want to save your Heroes III PlayMesh Points for more important things, you should note that you also have the option of spending Heroes III PlayMesh Points to heal yourself. It is best to use Heroes III PlayMesh Points for Alliance Members, but healing yourself is the cheapest option for using Heroes III PlayMesh Points and may be worth it if the financial cost is unreasonable and you have to bring up your health.