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The Heroes III Alliance Member system is in line with the other PlayMesh free text-based iPhone RPGs in that you have to purchase Alliance Members internally as items instead of adding them from other Heroes III players. You buy these Heroes III Alliance Members with in-game money and they get progressively more expensive for each one you have, but a pattern of purchase is important, as you need them to control Properties and complete Quests. Here is a set of guides and tips for Heroes III Alliance Members.

Purchasing Heroes III Alliance Members

Start out by selecting The Immortal, which you can find in either the Portrait mode or Landscape mode. Inside The Immortal, you need first to select The Immortal Offers at the bottom of the screen. In here, you will see at the very top will be a bar where you can purchase your Heroes III Alliance Member. You simply press it once, and it will turn into a Confirm Payment button. You press this button another time and you will buy that Heroes III Alliance Member for the stated price.

Heroes III PlayMesh Points

Below the top spot where you can buy a Heroes III Alliance Member is a number of different options for spending Heroes III PlayMesh Points. Two slots below the normal Heroes III Alliance Member purchase spot is an option to spend twenty Heroes III PlayMesh Points for two Heroes III Alliance Members.

The process of spending the Heroes III PlayMesh Points in this situation works the exact same way as the previous purchase of Alliance Members, provided you have enough Heroes III PlayMesh Points. This is always going to be the best use of your Heroes III PlayMesh Points and you should try to direct most of them here. The best way to do this is to save up all of your Heroes III PlayMesh Points and then buy up Heroes III Alliance Members once they become unreasonably expensive.

Heroes III Tips for Alliance Members

You have to have a Heroes III Alliance Member for every three developed pieces of property. Since Properties will be your main focus inside Heroes III, you need to make sure that you remain constant in purchasing Alliance Members and maintain this throughout your levels.

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