Tips on Beating Stage 2-1 of PvZ

Review of PvZ Stage 1

Plants vs. Zombies, also known as PvZ to fans across the globe, is Popcap’s newest game. It offers a new and delightful twist to a classic tower defense game. Zombies attack your house in waves, and you defend with innovative plants. The graphics are cute and thoroughly enjoyable, while the gameplay is stimulating and fun.

This walkthrough assumes that you have already played through and beat Stage 1 in Plants vs. Zombie and that you know the basic strategy outlined in the Stage 1 Guide. The basic strategy consists of placing all sun-producing plants in columns 1 and 2. Next, place a row of Peashooters or other long distance attack plants in column 3 and then set up a defense in column 6 and 7. Again, many strategies exist for beating every stage of PvZ, but this guide can assist if you become stuck.

Plants vs. Zombie: Stage 2-1

Recommended Plants: Sunflower, Puff Shroom, Potato Mine, Wall-nut, Peashooter, and Snow Pea

Level 2-1 begins with Crazy Dave explaining that fighting zombies during the night is very different from fighting zombies during the day. Sun does not drop out of the sky randomly, though Sunflowers will still produce sun. The newest item in the arsenal is the Puff Shroom, which you obtain by defeating stage 1-10. It has incredibly poor range, but it is completely free.

PvZ Puff Shroom

Simply put down a sunflower and a Puff Shroom right away. You will be able to put down two Puff Shrooms before a zombie shows up. Keep putting these little mushrooms down as fast as you can because the only thing limiting your usage of them is the cool-down timer on the seed card. I will often have three or four in a row, and the zombies on this board are weak enough that you really will not need much defense. Be on the watch out for gravestones. In the last wave, all gravestones on a board will spawn an additional zombie. Thus, if you have a row with several grave stones, make sure that one is well fortified and defended. At the end of this board, you receive the Sun-shroom.

Coins begin dropping on this board. Make sure that you click on them to pick them up when they drop. You have a limited time before they despawn.

Plants vs. Zombie: Stage 2-2

Recommended Plants: Sun-shroom, Puff Shroom, Wall-nut, Potato Mine, Peashooter, and Snow Pea

PvZ Gold Coin for Buying Zen Gardens

Crazy Dave explains to you that you need 250 coins to buy your first extra seed slot. This will bring you up to seven slots, and you definitely want to get there as fast as possible. You can get silver coins or gold coins, and you obtain them by killing zombies or destroying gravestones, which comes later on in the game. Coins also play a vital part in buying your Zen Gardens, so pay attention when they drop.

I strongly recommend using Sun-shrooms over Sunflowers in the night stages. They only cost 25 sun to plant, and even though they drop smaller suns that are only worth 15 suns at first, they grow into full sized mushrooms and drop the normal 25 suns. They drop suns faster than Sunflowers at night.

PvZ Sun-shroom for Making Money

Put them all in columns 1 and 2, and begin setting up your Puff Shrooms in columns 5 and 6. Remember, Puff Shrooms have a very short range, so you want to start hitting the zombies early. Again, you will be able to get two Sun-shrooms and two Puff Shrooms down before any zombies arrive. Place them strategically once the zombies come, and do not hesitate to plant a few Potato Bombs. Try not to use the lawnmower defense simply because every lawnmower that exists at the end of the game contributes a gold coin to your funds. Put a Peashooter in every row in column 3 and a Snow Pea in Column 4. Remember, gravestones will produce a zombie in the final wave.

At the end of Stage 2-2, you will obtain the Fume-shroom, an angry little mushroom that costs 75 coins and shoots through screen doors.

Plants vs. Zombie: Stage 2-3

grave buster

Recommended Plants: Sun-shroom, Puff Shroom, Wall-nut, Potato Mine, Fume-shroom, and Snow Pea

Use the regular setup outlined in the previous stage guides, but place the Fume-shroom in column 4 in order to allow it to begin shooting zombies early. Remember to throw down as many Puff Shrooms as you can. They are free, and you can dig them up with the shovel if you misplace one. This stage is incredibly easy since you are fighting regular zombies and a few conehead zombies. The Fume-shrooms are inexpensive, costing 25 suns less than a Peashooter.

At the end of this stage, you will receive the Grave Buster, which costs 75 suns and destroys graves. More coin for us!

Plants vs. Zombie: Stage 2-4

Recommended Plants: Sun-shroom, Puff Shroom, Wall-nut, Potato Mine, Fume-shroom, and Snow Pea, GraveBuster

Crazy Dave wants 5000

By Stage 2-4, you should have already purchased your seventh card slot from Crazy Dave. He now wants you to earn $5,000 coin for your eighth slot. Use the regular set up with all sun-producing plants in columns 1 and 2, and put as many Puff Shrooms down as you can in columns 5 and 6. You will have to anticipate and watch for zombies and learn how to place them. Use the cheap Potato Mines to help defend. They kill zombies of any type that step on them. I try to use Potato Mines as often as I can as they take time to arm, and they have a long cool-down timer.

Place your Snow Peas in Column 3 and your Fume-shrooms in column 4 behind the Potato Mines and the Puff Shrooms. Make sure you use the Grave Buster when you start to have an excess of sun. By the last wave, and you can use the wave gauge at the bottom right of the screen to see where you are, you should have almost all the graves eaten. Leaving them is a very bad idea due to the fact that a zombie will be created by each grave to attack in the final wave. Each gravestone also produces a coin when destroyed.

At the end of this stage, you receive the Almanac. This gives you a reference to all the zombies you have encountered and every plant you have earned. (This is how I am able to tell you the names of the zombies attacking you!)

Plants vs. Zombie: Stage 2-5

Whack-A-Zombie in PvZ

This stage teaches you how to play a mini-game called Whack-A-Zombie. Crazy Dave gives you a mallet and tells you that you need to smack zombies with it. This game is incredibly easy and involves simply clicking on each zombie that spawns out of the graves. Some of these zombies will produce sun when you whack them, and you should pick all these up like normal. You will be able to purchase only these three plants on this board: Cherry Bomb, Potato Mine, and Grave Buster. I plant Potato Mines in Column 1 just in case I want to be lazy and let a few zombies get by me and my wooden mallet. While the mine is on cooldown, I set the Grave Busters out to eat gravestones. Be very careful to guard your Grave Buster because they are weak. Zombies can destroy them quickly. The final wave will spawn extremely fast zombies, so be ready to click like crazy.

At the end of this stage, you receive the Hypno-shroom. For 75 suns, you can hypnotize a zombie and send it back to attack its friends.

Plants vs. Zombie: Stage 2-6

Recommended Plants: Sun-shroom, Puff Shroom, Wall-nut, Hypno-shroom, Fume-shroom, Snow Pea, GraveBuster

PvZ Football Zombie

This stage plays exactly like the other ones, though I used more Wall-nuts to slow down the crazed horde of hungry zombies. You do get a few more zombies, so you have to be prepared to lose some Puff Shrooms. The key to beating this stage is to get a solid offense down early. Then you simply look for places where you need defense. Again, use the Grave Buster as soon as you have a surplus of sun. You do not want to deal with additional zombies attacking you from the grave. In the last few waves, watch out for a Football Zombie. These guys are extremely fast and have a ton of hit points, so they are incredibly difficult to kill. You may have to throw down a Wall-nut quickly to prevent being overrun by these zombie jocks. Otherwise, save your Hypno-shroom and turn that zombie over to the plant-side.

At the end of this stage, you receive the Scaredy-shroom. This plant is slow, but it is cheap (25 suns) and has an incredibly long range. It will also duck down and hide when an enemy gets near it.

Plants vs. Zombie: Stage 2-7

Recommended Plants: Sun-shroom, Puff Shroom, Wall-nut, Fume-shroom, GraveBuster, Hypno-shroom, Scaredy- shroom


In this stage, Screen Door Zombies come out in drove, so make sure that you use a Fume-shroom no matter what. Put your Sun-shrooms in column 1 and 2, and put your Scaredy-shrooms in column 3. Your Fume-shrooms go in column 4, and feel free to put plenty of Puff Shrooms in 5, 6, and 7. As always, start with the Puff Shrooms. They are free and can take down a normal zombie easily. Use your Hypno-shroom when you can, but remember that these are on a long timer. Sometimes saving them for the Football Zombies is actually the best plan. They are extremely fast and have a lot of hit points. Otherwise, use Wall-nuts to slow them down.

At the end of this stage, you will receive the Ice-shroom. For 75 suns, you can now temporarily freeze every zombie on the screen. This can be helpful in fighting some of the tougher zombies.

Plants vs. Zombie: Stage 2-8

Recommended Plants: Sun-shroom, Puff Shroom, Wall-nut, Fume-shroom, GraveBuster, Hypno-shroom, Scaredy- shroom

Dancing Zombies

The Dancing Zombie shows up for the first time in this stage. Make sure you read the description in your almanac for a laugh and a great tribute to Michael Jackson. (This game was created before he died.) The Dancing Zombie will summon Backup Dancers that will march forward with him. He will keep summoning them until he is killed, but he has very low hit points. I usually save my Hypno-shroom for him and his crew. Two bites from one of his Backup Dancers, and he is dead. Use the same strategy listed in the previous stages in order to set up your Sun-shrooms and your offense. You will want to put down as many Puff Shrooms as you can and a row of Scaredy-shrooms. Do not forget to use the Grave Busters because with the summoned Backup Dancers, the last wave can be quite a doozy.

Finishing this stage earns you the Doom Shroom, a scary black mushroom that blows up everything on the board and leaves a gigantic crater. For 125 suns, it is the cheapest “Oh Crap” plant in you arsenal. Do not worry overly much about the crater. The ground heals itself over time.

Plants vs. Zombie: Stage 2-9

Recommended Plants: Sun-shroom, Puff Shroom, Wall-nut, Fume-shroom, GraveBuster, Hypno-shroom, Cherry Bomb

Set up as usual, and be prepared to put several Wall-nuts down on this level. I started off using my Puff-shrooms as I planted my Sun-shrooms as fast as I could in column 1 and 2. As soon as I could, I started putting Wall-nuts in column 6 and planted Fume-shrooms while the Wall-nut timer was running. I also made ample use of my Hypno-shrooms once I started having an excess of sun. Alternate between those three items, and be prepared to throw down extra Wall-nuts in column 7. You will be hit with every type of zombie, including the Buckethead, in this board. The last wave is extremely ugly, so make sure that there are no graves left by using the Grave Buster frequently.

PvZ Zombie Note for 2-9

At the end of this board, the zombies leave you yet another nasty note. Who knew that zombies could write so well?

Plants vs. Zombie: Stage 2-10

Beat Stage 2-10

The conveyor belt returns in this fast-paced board. You will have access to the following plants: Ice-shroom, Doom-shroom, Scaredy-shroom, Hypno-shroom, Fume-shroom, Grave Buster and the Puff Shroom. You want to save the Doom-shrooms, Hypno-shrooms, and Ice-shrooms until you need them. Go ahead and put down any Scaredy-shrooms (column 1) and Fume-shrooms (column 5 and 6) that show up. You may end up digging up some Puff Shrooms and replacing them with Fume-shrooms, but you will want to build a strong offense quickly. If you start to have an excess of Hypno-shroom, put them in front of your offensive line to defend them. As the second and third waves begin, you will see zombie hordes like you have never seen them before. Do not be afraid to use Doom-shrooms in columns 8 and 9 and use them frequently. Remember, it blows up every zombie on the screen, so wait until you have a bunch of them.

At the end of this stage, you receive the Lilypad, which is vital to Stage 3. Congratulations on successfully beating and defeating Stage 2 in PvZ.

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