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Sims 3 Late Night Guide to Becoming a Celebrity

by: R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Sims loves celebrities and dream of fame as much as we do. There are plenty of Sims 3 careers to choose from, but being a celebrity is definitely the most glamorous.

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    In the Sims 3 expansion pack, Late Night, Sims can become hot celebrities. Of all of the possible Sims 3 careers, becoming a celebrity is sims 3 careers mysims3blog pic of downtown certainly the most glamorous. The primary focus of Sims 3 Late Night, is the night life scene and with hot clubs and posh lounges comes celebrities. Some downtown establishments, some level of fame is a requirement to gain entry.

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    Celebrity Perks

    sims 3 careers gamesradar signing autograph Celebrity Sims have a variety of perks. They can walk into a bar or club, regardless of how exclusive it may be. They are just always on the list. Another major perk, just like in real life, is free stuff and steep discounts. Sims may get free drinks or other items when they are out on the town or on a shopping trip. This is done because celebrities bring in the business. Sims will see a celebrity Sim and become starstruck. This may also result in celebrity Sims being asked to sign autographs and being asked to pose for paparazzi. Exclusive objects may be given to Sims at the highest levels of celebrity.

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    Building Your Celebrity

    In the Sims 3 Late Night, there are five levels of celebrity. How much fame a Sim has achieved can be seen by how many stars they have sims 3 careers worldtech24 celebrity sim earned and other celebrity and fame-related statistics. Aspiring celebrities needs friends so it is important to network and take every opportunity possible to make new friends. Going out on the town and throwing parties are helpful. When throwing a party, invite some other celebrity Sims to help build celebrity status. When Sims run into other celebrities, they should talk to them, preferably gossip, and work towards becoming their best friend. When talking to a celebrity use the “try to impress celebrity” option as well, and name drop, talk about occupation, talk about skill, or talk about wealth. Or, try and get involved romantically with a fellow celebrity. Aspiring celebrities who are serving drinks can offer free drinks to current celebrities to help improve their celebrity status. Complete every available opportunity to try and increase points and take every available opportunity to get paparazzi attention. In the Sims 3, careers such as those in film or music, can also help a Sim soar to celebrity status.

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    Celebrity Journal

    The Celebrity Journal will list all statistics associated with a Sims' fame. It includes:sims 3 careers celebrity man 

    • Current celebrity level
    • Number of celebrities known
    • Number of freebies obtained
    • Number of bars visited
    • Number of autographs signed
    • Number of times falsely accused
    • Progress bar
    • Number of discounts obtained
    • Amount of money saved
    • Number of times photographed
    • Number of times publicly disgraced
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    Star Level

    sims 3 careers kotaku outside a club The star level ranges from one through five, with five being a famous celebrity. Those seeking to make this a bit easier may want to choose the star quality trait and friendly trait. Building star level also involves becoming friends with other stars, so Sims should take every chance they get to talk to other celebrities, impress them, party with them, and even get into a relationship with a famous Sim. Using their mixology skills to impress a celebrity is also helpful, as well as being in a good band and being great at the instrument the Sim plays. Completing all celebrity opportunities is also greatly beneficial and Sims should complete every one they get. They come along often and are relatively easy to complete. As a Sim raises their star level, they can enjoy free stuff and entry into exclusive hot spots. Sims will no longer have to bribe their way into downtown clubs and bars.