Kids Guide for The Sims 3 Imaginary Friend

Kids Guide for The Sims 3 Imaginary Friend
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The Sims 3: Generations

In “The Sims 3: Generations” expansion pack, children and teenagers were given many new additions that they could do in game now. Kids can now attend after school activities, go to prom, enroll in a private boarding school, discover potions with the new chemistry set, play in a tree house, have fun on a water slide, have sleepovers and pillow fights and much more.

One of the new things that was also added with the expansion pack that is quite interesting is The Sims 3 imaginary friend that shows up for toddlers. This is completely new to the series and has some very special interactions and possibilities with it.

Obtaining a Childhood Imaginary Friend

Toddlers are the age where your young Sim will receive this special toy doll. The best option to receive this toy is by creating a new family with a toddler aged Sim. When you move them into their home, it is likely that the toddler will have the toy in their inventory.

If a baby is born the natural way by The Sims 3 WooHoo and “Try for a Baby” there is still a chance that the baby can receive this special friend. It won’t load in their inventory right away because babies don’t have an inventory. It will instead show up as a gift sent to your toddler (when it is at that age) through the mailbox. From there, you can place it into the toddler’s inventory.

Sadly, Sims that were already made before the addition of “The Sims 3: Generations” aren’t likely to have the option of having one of these special friends. You could try to move the household out of their home and then back into the home or a new home. There is a chance that the toy could show up being sent in the mailbox, but it isn’t a guarantee.

Grow Up with the Imaginary Friend

The Sims 3 imaginary friend growing up

When the kid is a toddler they have limited interactions with their new friend. They can play with the friend, sing to them, and give them a new name. When they are at this age, they need to interact with The Sims 3 imaginary friend often so they will have a good relationship. A message will pop-up after the bond is there explaining that the toy has become very special to the young Sim.

If they have a strong bond, when the toddler grows up to become a child, the imaginary friend will get bigger with them. Keep playing and interacting with the friend to keep the bond strong. At the child age, children can now do more with it. They can play with it, sing to it, pick up the toy, and host a tea party.

Once a short time has passed and the bond is still strong, you will get a message saying that the toy would like to come out and play. Set the toy doll on the ground and it will transform into a child sized imaginary friend.

The Sims 3 imaginary friend pillow fight 1

Now your child can do many more interactions with their friend and you will see it listed as their name and your Sim’s last name in the relationship tab. For instance “Snuggles Sims.” Your Sim can now tell jokes with it, pillow fight, play tag, talk with it, and other normal interactions. They can also do two interesting things to help their human friend out: “Clean Up for Me” and “Get me a Snack.” This is really helpful for kids who need help cleaning up their room and are too busy doing their homework to get their own snack. The friend follows the child around and when the kid goes to school, it becomes a doll again and usually ends up in the kid’s room waiting for them to come home to play.

These special friends can grow up with your Sim to the teenage stage and get larger with your Sim too. It might even grow up with your Sim into adulthood. That would however, make your Sim seem a bit crazy talking to themselves. It is best to turn it (if you are going to) when they are younger.

Make the Friend Real

The Sims 3 imaginary friend turned real memory

Only the child will be able to see their new friend, and this will look funny to the other people around. Often when the kid talks about their imaginary friend to other Sims, they will receive negative social relationship points. That doesn’t mean their friend isn’t real though.

Once your Sims is best friends with The Sims 3 imaginary friend, you will see that you can offer the friend to become real. This is only done by doing a quest or by giving the friend the “Imaginary Friend Metamorphium” potion that is made using The Sims 3 chemistry set.

When the imaginary friend is turned into a real Sim others can now see and it becomes a part of the household.


All screenshots and references from The Sims 3.

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