Where to Find The Sims 3 Vampire Hidden Bar

The Sims 3: Late Night

Expansion packs are a big part of “The Sims 3” game. Each different expansion gives players the option of adding in additional content to their game. Each one focuses on a certain theme which ranges from exploring new worlds on vacation, having new career options, becoming a popular The Sims 3 celebrity and having a fun nightlife area, and more.

Electronic Arts likes to release a few of these each year along with Stuff Packages. Gamers can pick and choose which ones they like, or just buy them all to always have everything available for their game.

There are many new things that were added in with the “Late Night” expansion pack including skyscraper buildings to make a downtown area, hot tubs, celebrities, vampires and even The Sims 3 vampire hidden bar in the town of Bridgeport.


The Sims 3 Elvira Slayer eating Plasma Fruit

Vampires are available as a life state in “The Sims 3” with the “Late Night” expansion pack. This is a very popular addition to the game and even lets some users carry out their own The Sims 3 Twilight fantasies by playing as Bella and Edward. For the older gamers, the same can be done with the “True Blood” series.

Vampires are already in the town of Bridgeport, so if you want to become one, you’ll just need to find one and to befriend. Once your Sim is friends with the vampire, they will more than likely accept your Sim’s request to turn them into a vampire too.

If you are playing in another town and want vampires to come into your town (if the “Late Night” expansion is installed) you’ll need to turn on the story progression for at least a couple of days to get both vampires and celebrities in your town.

The Sims 3 Vampire Sleeping

Vampires do age in the game, they also need to avoid sunlight because they will get burned if out in the sun for too long. They also need to drink blood or eat plasma fruit to keep their thirst quenched. This type of a Sim has accelerated learning and moving skills at night, so do what you can then. They can sleep in a bed or use a coffin.

This is a really fun addition to the game, but if you don’t want your Sim to be a vampire anymore, you can change them back by taking them to the Science Lab in town and paying the center $3,000 for an anti-vampirism potion.

Bars, Clubs and Lounges

The Sims 3 Plasma 501 Lounge

There are bars, clubs and lounges all available for neighborhoods with the “Late Night” expansion pack. There are different types of each of the bars, clubs and lounges and each type will attract and repel different types of Sims to it depending on which one it is.

There is a vampire lounge that caters to vampires that can be placed right into your towns, and it is already set in the town of Bridgeport. Regular humans can also get in, but some celebrity status is needed to get past the bouncer. The “Plasma 501” vampire lounge is a really nicely made high-rise vampire hangout. It is dark, lush and a place that many vampires like to frequent after dark.

Vampires Only Bar – Humans Enter at Your Own Risk!

The Sims 3 bridgeport graveyard

There is a bar in Bridgeport that is hidden and unless you were looking for it, you probably wouldn’t come across it. The Sims 3 vampire hidden bar can be found in the cemetery underground. It is quite a few levels down and is a place that vampires show up at night. If a Sim isn’t a vampire, they should really only enter at their own risk because they could be hunted and end up being bitten by a vampire.

This hidden bar is really bare-bones but it is dark and cozy – perfect for vampires! It has two couches, a bar with a Mixologist ready to make drinks, a small bathroom, a stereo and of course, a coffin for The Sims 3 vampires that have nowhere else to sleep and stay after the sun comes up.

The Sims 3 vampire hidden bar

Players can always change the décor of it to have better items or expand the bar in the “Edit Town” mode. This isn’t a “hot spot” though as it isn’t one of the main bar types though.

Regardless of what the bar is classified as, this is one of the better places for vampires to meet-up at. It is dark, in a creepy graveyard, and will scare any humans that enter on their own! So, have your Sims visit The Sims 3 vampire hidden bar at their own risk, unless of course you want them to become a vampire.


All screenshots and references from The Sims 3.

Screenshots provided by the writer.