The Sims 3 Late Night: Mixology

Learn the Skill

Learning The Sims 3 Late Night skill, mixology, with a book

The Sims 3 Late Night expansion added a new skill, called mixology, to the game. In the game, mixology is the skill of mixing drinks with an entertaining flare. As your sim develops the mixology skill, they will spin bottles and toss cups around, creating quite a spectacle for other sims to behold. The end result, if your sim is skilled in mixology, is a drink that will please the palette of the sims consuming the beverage and possibly give beneficial moodlets.

Sims may develop the mixology skill by studying skill books in mixology, taking a mixology class or by practicing at a bar. The skill books are available, like other skill books, at the nieghborhood book store, while the mixology class is offered at the neighborhood restaurant. To practice at a bar, sims either need to purchase a bar for their home or find an empty bar at a club or other Sims 3 Late Night venue.

Skill Improvement Benefits

As sims improve their mixology skill, new options for skill improvement and drinks will become available. When a sim is just beginning to learn the mixology skill, they will only be able to practice making drinks at a bar. When the first skill level is achieved sims can practice making drinks with another sim. At level 2, sims can moonlight at low-class venues to earn some extra simoleans. At levels 3, 4 and 5 sims can make drinks that influence the moods of other sims–from party mood drinks, to skill-gain mood drinks to romantic mood drinks. At level 6 sims can try to make a new drink at a bar and rename drinks. At level 7 sims can moonlight at some high-class venues. At level 8 sims can make moodlet removal drinks and at level 9 they can make crazy mood drinks. At the highest skill level–level 10–sims can name drinks after other sims.

Mixology Benefits

A good mixologist can improve relationships with other sims by serving drinks. High-quality drinks impress other sims, which improves the relationship between the mixologist and the sim consuming the beverage. Additionally, once a sim reaches the top level of The Sims 3 Late Night mixology skill and can name drinks after other sims, when the sim who the drink is named after drinks the beverage, the relationship between that sim and the mixologist increases substantially. This makes entry into the world of mixology perfect for the sim who desires popularity.

When your sims develops enough skill to make the mood drinks, the drinks offer various benefits on the type of drink served. Party drinks improve the score of a party by increasing the overall party score each time a party drink is mixed and making sims have more fun. Romantic drinks give sims an "In the Mood" moodlet, which increases the likelihood that they will accept romantic social interactions. Skill-gain drinks give sims the "Cerebral Boost" moodlet, which improves the speed with which they learn skills for a certain amount of time. Energy drinks give sims the "Wide Awake" moodlet, which make the sim feel as if they have napped. Crazy drinks give sims the "Going Wild" moodlet which encourages silly behavior and increases a sim’s amount of fun. Moodlet removal drinks gives sims the "Wash Away the Worry" moodlet, which removes negative moodlets while the sim is drinking the beverage.

Mixology Skill Challenges

The Sims 3 Late Night: moonlighting

The Sims 3 Late Night mixology skill contains additional skill challenges, similar to other skills in The Sims 3. These skill challenges include "Master of Mood," which requires a sim to mix 200 mood drinks and when achieved results in the sim being able to create stronger, higher-quality mood drinks. Another mixology skill challenge is "Poseidon," which requires a sim to mix 500 drinks and results in the sim always making OK or better drinks, negating the chance of the sim to fail or make bad drinks. The skill challenge "Cool Creator" requires a sim to create 25 unique drinks by inventing their own drinks. A sim who completes the "Cool Creator" Sims 3 Late Night mixology skill challenge improves the base quality of all invented drinks. The "Master Mixologist" challenge requires a sim to serve 60 drinks to customers by moonlighting at a venue or at a party and results in not only increased relationship points with the sims served, but also increased pay per mixology job. Lastly, the "Professor of Drinks" skill challenge requires a sim to learn 42 unique drink recipes from the bar venues. The reward for completing "Professor of Drinks" is that the sim will automatically learn new custom recipes for uber mood drinks, which can only be learned by completing this challenge.

Master Mixologist Lifetime Wish

In The Sims 3, a lifetime wish is the ultimate goal of a sim. The introduction of the mixology skill in The Sims 3 Late Night also created a new lifetime wish–to become a Master Mixologist. In order to complete this lifetime wish, a sim must master the mixology skill by achieving level 10, and must also own a bar venue. Owning a venue is not extremely inexpensive so your sim may need income other than the funds they may receive from moonlighting with the mixology skill. In The Sims 3 Late Night plenty of career options exist that will pay high enough salaries for sims to achieve this lifetime wish, assuming your sim is disciplined enough to work their way up the ranks of a given career. The medical career and the film career both pay enough that your sim could easily afford a bar venue after reaching the highest levels of the career.