Guide to Ghosts and How to Kill People on The Sims 3

Guide to Ghosts and How to Kill People on The Sims 3
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The Sims 3 Death Life State

The Sims 3 is the first The Sims game that allows for “death” to be a playable life state in the game. This is not to be confused with the Sims 3 vampires, which is a different “life state.” To play as a Sims 3 ghost, you have to have your Sim die, and if you are having a hard time getting a Sim to die, you could always intentionally kill them with this guide on how to kill people on The Sims 3.

When a Sim dies, scary music starts to play and the Grim Reaper appears on the lot to take the Sim’s “life” but if your Sim was relatively happy when they died, they could beg for their life.

How to Kill Sims in The Sims 3 and Become a Ghost

Sims can die from a variety of ways including: fire, drowning, electrocution, starvation, old age, Mummy’s Curse, Death by Traps, Meteor, and Death by Thirst.

Getting a Sim to die isn’t too hard. You could use some Sims 3 cheat codes, or kill them other ways such as:

  • Trap a Sim in a pool by surrounding the pool with walls once they are swimming. This will eventually cause them to drown and become a ghost.

  • If your Sim has low handiness skill, you could get them to stand in a puddle and electrocute them (though this can be tricky).

  • If your Sim is human, don’t let them eat. Eventually they will die of hunger.

  • If your Sim is a vampire, don’t let them drink. Eventually they will die of thirst.

  • Trap a Sim in a room with a fireplace, and let it burn!

  • Age your Sim up to be an Elderly Sim. Eventually, they will die of old age.

The Sims 3 Ghosts

The Sims 3 ghosts are classified by colors. What a Sim dies from determines what color they will appear as when they die and are a ghost.

Sims 3 Orange Ghost

Color Guide to Ghost Sims:

  • Drowning – blue
  • Electrocution – yellow
  • Falling Meteor – orange
  • Fire – orange
  • Hunger – pink/purple
  • Mummy’s Curse – dark grey
  • Thirst - red

How to Resurrect a Ghost Sim

The Sims 3 Graveyard and Ghosts

Sims that die accidentally, or perhaps want to become a live Sim again can do so in The Sims 3. Once you picked out a way for how to kill people on The Sims 3, you can always bring them back to life fully. Here are the ways that a Sim can skip over death and become alive again:

  • If a Sim has the Sims 3 Death Flower in their inventory when they die, they can give this flower to the Grim Reaper when he shows up to claim their life. The Grim Reaper loves this flower more than your Sim’s soul, so he takes it in exchange. This option doesn’t work for those Sims that die of old age.

  • If your Sim is a ghost and eats “Ambrosia” that is made out of Sims 3 Life Fruit they can be brought back to life.

  • There is a “science experiment” that could be completed to revive a ghost Sim as well. Once the opportunity is completed, future Sims that die can be revived for $5,000 (per ghost Sim).

  • If your Sim has a high logic skill, you could also get the option to “Play Chess” and if you win, you could save your dead Sim’s life.

    how to kill people on the sims 3

  • If your Sim has the “Loser” or “Unlucky” Sims 3 traits and happens to die of accidental causes, the Grim Reaper could take pity on them give them a second chance at life.


All screenshots and references from The Sims 3.

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