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Guide to the Magical Potions available in The Sims Medieval

by: Sheri Newton ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Magical potions can be crafted in “The Sims Medieval” by the wizard hero. This type of hero is able to make helpful potions that all of the Sims in the Kingdom can purchase. This makes for a fantastic source of income for this hero. Find out all about it in this guide.

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    The Sims Medieval Magic Potions – For Wizards Only!

    The Sims Medieval wizard hero is able to discover and collect from both herbs and minerals or gemstone deposits. They can then use those ingredients to craft The Sims Medieval magic potions.

    In order for the Sim to craft these items, they will need to use the Crafting Table which can be found in the Wizard’s Tower on the first floor. This is an object that comes with the building when it is originally placed, so don’t sell it!

    The Sims Medieval Wizard Collecting Herbs Your Sim can stock the table with ingredients, or you can just use them right from your inventory to craft a potion. When you are ready to start making a magical potion, you will need to click on the crafting table and select the potion that you want to craft. If you don’t have all of the ingredients, you cannot craft the item.

    When the wizard is crafting The Sims 3 Medieval magic potions, they do earn experience points. Many of the potions are also needed in quests and also for selling as part of your daily responsibilities in the Kingdom. It is a good idea to have some of each type that your hero can craft on hand for this reason.

    Crafting these potions is a very common way for wizard heroes to amass large amounts of Simoles. If this is something that you enjoy doing when playing the wizard, it is quite profitable and beneficial with all of the experience points you can earn.

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    The Sims Medieval Magic Potions - Recipes

    Your wizard hero will need to have all of the items needed in order to make the potion. There are no The Sims Medieval cheats that will bypass this, so make sure to have a good stockpile of all of the ingredients that you would need ready for when you want to craft it.

    Here are all of the recipes to The Sims Medieval magic potions that the wizard can craft.

    The Sims Medieval Wizard Mining Mystic Grog

    • Base Price Value: 75
    • Ingredients: Belladona x2, Grassweed x3, Lordleaf, Well Water

    Drunk Me Not

    • Base Price Value: 100
    • Ingredients: Blood Moss x3, Eaglewood, Sagewort x2

    Potion of Energy

    • Base Price Value: 235
    • Ingredients: Eaglewood x3, Seeds x4, Valoroot x2, Well Water

    The Sims Medieval Wizard at Crafting Table Flamebait

    • Base Price Value: 60
    • Ingredients: Belladonna, Blood Moss x2, Seeds x2

    Lesser Luck Potion

    • Base Price Value: 135
    • Ingredients: Electrum, Grassweed, Sagewort x2, Seeds x2

    Greater Luck Potion

    • Base Price Value: 435
    • Ingredients: Angelweed, Eaglewood x3, Electrum x2, Seeds x3

    Lesser Charm Potion

    • Base Price Value: 60
    • Ingredients: Grassweed x3, Phosphorus, Valoroot x2

    The Sims Medieval Magic Potions Greater Charm Potion

    • Base Price Value: 245
    • Ingredients: Angelweed, Grassweed x2, Lordleaf x3, Phosphorus x2

    Note: There are also other potions in The Sims Medieval that the wizard can craft that are quest related. When working on the quest, it will detail what is needed for those potions.

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    All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

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