The Sims Medieval Trading Guide for the Merchant Hero

The Sims Medieval Trading Guide for the Merchant Hero
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The Sims Medieval Trading

Only The Sims Medieval Merchant hero is able to trade with the other territories around the Kingdom. Although you don’t have to do this frequently, those merchants that do can generally make a very nice living. Importing and exporting with these other countries earns you Simoles and also can bring in new goods from the other nations that you would only have access to by taking part in The Sims Medieval trading.

Importing and Exporting

To get started, you will have to use your merchant hero and put the items you will be using into their personal inventory. Then, head them over to the Docks location. Select the boat and put on board the items you want to export from your Kingdom, either for money or to trade.

You will have to select which nation you will be performing The Sims Medieval trading option with. From there you can see what you can sell or trade for their special items. After your merchant sails off to the foreign land and makes the trade, they will then sail back with the items. You will need to remove the items from the cargo on the boat, just like when you put the original items on the boat. Don’t forget them on the ship!

Note: Not all of the items that the nations want from you are available in your Kingdom. You will need to do some trading with other nations before you can get many of the special items.

The Sims Medieval Nations to Trade With

The Sims Medieval Trading

The items that you can sell for Simoles to these neighboring Kingdoms will often earn you more money than selling at The Sims Medieval market. When low on Simoles, go ahead and sell them to these Kingdoms or trade with them to bring home new items.


  • Imports: Jeweled Ring, Magic Powder, Watched Water, Untempered Longsword, Longsword, Crude Longsword, Greatsword, Steel Longsword, Embossed Longsword, Precise Scimitar, Watcher’s Blade, Sword of the Chinchilla, Mithral Longsword, Tooth of Jacob, Mana’s Edge, Angel’s Talon, and Doom Sword.
  • Exports: Gilded Paddle, Prisoner, and Religious Tablet.


  • Imports: Adamantle, Darkstone, Religious Tablet, Untempered Chainmail, Chainmail, Ramshackle Chestguard, Crude Plate Mail, Plate Mail, Steel Plate Mail, Bear Hide Armor, Advertonian Scale, Knight’s Plate, Lord’s Plate, Adamantle Battleplate, Darkstone Bulwark, Doomplate, and Angel’s Guard.
  • Exports: Advertonian Scale, Unicorn Horn, and Precise Scimitar.


  • Imports: Crudium, Magic Powder, Time Machine Part, Weak Curative Tonic, Moderate Curative Tonic, Strong Curative Tonic, Sleeping Draught, Rejuvenating Reagent, Coagulating Compound, Weak Health Salve, Moderate Health Salve, and Strong Health Salve.
  • Exports: Strong Health Salve, Scrap Metal, and Unicorn Meat.


  • Imports: Cheese, Mushroom, Soap, Wildflowers, Nightshade, Magic Powder, Time Machine Part, Mithral, Electrum, Phosphorus, Ferrous, and Crudium. Some of these are also available at The Sims Medieval Village Shoppe.
  • Exports: Wood, Tredonian Velvet, Steel Hammer, Lesser Luck Potion, and Goose Feather.


  • Imports: Darkstone, Religious Tablet, Succulent Goblin Meat, Fowl Meat, Rabbit Meat, Bear Meat, Boar Meat, Frog, Pigeon, Unicorn Meat, Venison, Whale Meat, and Whale Steak.
  • Exports: Flame Enchantment, and Magic Staff.


  • Imports: Apple, Barley, Cabbage, Grapes, Mushroom, Onion, Potato, Spices, Turnip, Wheat, Boar Meat, Bear Meat, Fowl Meat, Rabbit Meat, Venison, Unicorn Meat, and Watched Water.
  • Exports: Gastrosausage, Angel’s Talon Fragment, and Darkstone.


  • Imports: Goose Feather, Religious Tablet, Wood, Eel, Herring, Rainbow Trout, Salmon, Swordfish, Tench, and Turbot.
  • Exports: Mithral, Darkstone, and Sleeping Draught.


  • Imports: Gem Bag, Goose Feather, Magic Powder, Adamantle, Azurite, Shiny Stones, Quartz, and Mana Stones.
  • Exports: Mithral, Combustion Cordial, and Time Machine Part.


  • Imports: Angelweed, Bloodmoss, Grassweed, Seeds, Wildflowers, Nightshade, Valoroot, Belladonna, Eaglewood, Sagewort, Lordleaf, Prisoner, Bolt of Cloth, Goose Feather, Phosphorus, Barley, and Bloomers.
  • Exports: Gems, Basic Lute, Barley, Tredonian Velvet, Magic Powder, and Jeweled Ring.


  • Imports: Goose Feather, Oil Flask, Wood, Prisoner, Mithral, Combustion Cordial, Mystic Grog, Vomicious Venom, Reaper’s Scythe, and Pestilence Poison.
  • Exports for The Sims Medieval trading: Watcher’s Blade, White Smoke Powder, Clothing, Watched Water, and Watcher Staff.


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