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Happy Hospital Review

by: Ange P. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Run your own vet clinic, hire a staff of superb doctors, buy medical equipment, drink lots of coffee, treat adorable furry patients, and test your luck at the slot machines in Wooga's Happy Hospital. Find out what this game has to offer to virtual pet lovers and management gamers.

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    Visiting Happy Hospital - Really Cute Animals

    Happy Hospital Wooga’s Happy Hospital combines virtual pets and hospital management elements to create an entertaining social game on Facebook. Players become bona-fide veterinarians running their own clinic. Treat dozens of really cute animals suffering from a variety of wacky ailments like Oktoberfest syndrome or the devastating honking windpipe. Perform X-Rays, physical therapy, and even reverse aging with special medical equipment. Complete various quests. Keep staff awake through long shifts. Build and expand your pet infirmary into a state-of-the-art facility. Attach additional rooms or invest in new technology. Decorate adding furniture, wall décor, plants, pictures, and tiled flooring. Cure sick cats, dogs, bunnies, cows, and other exotic species.

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    Gameplay - Caring for Really Cute Animals

    hospital game Players start out with a four room two-story clinic and two staff members to assist in treating ailing pets. Clicking on the owl nurse at the entrance desk opens the hospital computer log. A list of available patients appears with room type, time required for treatment, and reward amount. An ambulance will pull up dropping off the selected animal in need of urgent medical care. Conditions in Happy Hospital vary. Bears suffering from fish bites, dogs with napoleon complexes, hamsters with balloonitis, sheep with hairyitis, and the pollen allergy cases of bumble bees are only a handful of the ailments Vets must cure. The treatment process involves X-rays and occasionally some physical therapy in the exercise room. Each medical device requires a battery to operate.

    patient list A surprisingly unusual method to attain batteries in the game is through a power slot machine located in the hospital. It costs 10 coins to spin and it will randomly generate batteries, coins, XP, or absolutely nothing per turn. There’s no limit on how many times a player can test their luck at the slot machine. A quick click to power-up the machine and the treatment begins. The waiting periods are very long lasting 1 to 8 hours. All treatment lengths can be shortened through boosts using energy. When the patient is cured coins and experience is earned. A double click on the equipment will clean and prepare the room. Most of the gameplay involves treating cute domestic and wild animals.

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    Graphics & Sound

    really cute animals Although the sound effects are minimal the graphics are impressive in Happy Hospital. It’s quite eye-catching. The bright colors and cartoonish feel resembles other popular games like Happy Pets or PetVille. When animals enter the clinic to be diagnosed an animated reenactment of how they encountered their disease plays in a bubble. There’s also a fountain of youth that utilizes specials crystals grown high in the mountains or exchanged as gifts from friends that turn elders back into cute babies. Bears magically transform into a diaper wearing cubs. As players level up more patients are unlocked. Cure sloths, cats, pandas, and snails.

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    Overall Rating:

    vet clinic Happy Hospital The main objective of Happy Hospital is to treat really cute animals from the nearby town while building a fully functioning hospital. Decorate and design the inside as well as the outside of your clinic. Add colorful patterned tiles, bright wallpaper, and other décor items. Attach exercise, X-Ray, and even mind-reading rooms to better diagnose patients. Despite the fact that the neighbor interaction is limited its still loads of fun. Players enter a virtual world filled with adorable pets. Play doctor to furry creatures and become one of the top veterinarians in this sim hospital themed game. Any animal lover would thoroughly enjoy this game.