Urban Warfare Game Guide - Build a Military City on Facebook

Urban Warfare Game Guide - Build a Military City on Facebook
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Urban Warfare Basics

Urban Warfare is essentially a regular city builder except your city building is centered on creating an army to battle other Facebook users. Businesses in the game will give you income to use and housing will provide you with population. The first military building you’ll construct is the barracks which will give you a wide assortment of foot soldiers to use in your battles. You can also build armor units, naval, and aircraft in the game. Water titles can be added to your map for your shipyard.


Urban Warfare has various structures you can use to increase your population. You’ll find homes such as duplexes, single homes, apartment buildings, and high rises. There’s not a great selection but the look of your city isn’t the goal of the game. For businesses you’ll find the typical shop, office, tennis court, college, basketball court, park, and casino. Each of these structures will increase the amount of your income and also provide you with experience points as you build them. While many city builders features a great assortment of decorations you won’t find them in this game since it’s centered on combat and not a nice looking city. You will find a nice selection of roads and water tiles for your city.

City Defenses

Your city also has defenses you can construct to help repel attacks from other Facebook users. A bomb shelter, mine field, sentry tower, radar tower, missile turret, and silo are available for your city. Each new structure will add defense bonuses to your city. Defensive structures are quite expensive so you won’t have many of them to start. A simple bomb shelter is 5000 coins which is expensive in the early game.


Steel is another important part of the game economy and steel buildings will provide you with steel that can be used to purchase units in the game. You’ll find factories, wind turbines; town halls, supply depots, ore mines and other structures which will help increase your steel levels in the game.

Game Interface

Urban Warfare

At the bottom of the screen you’ll find the main icons for the game. The build icon is used to construct buildings in the game. The battle screen is where you can pick another Facebook user to fight. The units screen will show you which units you currently own and the inventory icon shows which items you hold in your inventory. The news feed icon gives you a listing of attacks that have taken place against your base. At the top left you’ll find your coin and steel levels while in the middle your current level is present. Population and your defensive and offensive statistics are located at the far right of the screen.

Game Store

The game store is where you can buy expansions for your city. You’ll need game cash or Facebook friends to buy the larger expansions. In the game store you can buy mercenaries which can help your armies in battle with large defensive and offensive bonuses. Speedups can help you construct things quickly or shorten troop training. In the store you can also buy extra resources if you need them such as more coins or increased tax revenues from your buildings. Combat boosts found in the game store will increase population levels, defense, or offense for short periods of time.

Military Units

The game features many different units. This is a partial list and doesn’t include ships or aircraft.

  • Scout - 1 attack 1 defense
  • Riflemen – 6 attack 6 defense
  • Submachine Gunner - 15 attack 12 defense
  • Light Machine Gunner - 25 attack 16 defense
  • Grenadier – 8 attack 8 defense
  • Heavy Machine Gunner – 40 attack 40 defense
  • Medic 6 attack 6 defense 9
  • Hum-Vee- 60 attack 60 defense
  • Supply Truck – 100 attack 100 defense
  • Jeep – 50 attack 50 defense
  • APC – 200 attack 200 defense
  • Sniper - 80 attack 80 defense

Other units include minesweeper, tanks, Special Forces, spies, anti-tank units, Bradley, Abrams, armored car, nuclear scientist, and more. Be sure to build a shipyard and air force base to get access to aircraft and naval units.


Urban Warfare is a unique city builder that combines combat with city building aspects. Be sure to build enough businesses so you have a nice income coming into your city and don’t neglect your steel producing buildings as well. When fighting other Facebook users try to match yourself with players at or slightly above your level and don’t take on teams that have more players then you unless you’re sure that you can win with better armies and equipment.