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Little Kings Story Review

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Little King's Story has style and charm that never stops entertaining the senses and keeps you coming back for more fun. This adventure is far from little and sneaks up on you with fantastic themes and countless hours of constant and useful entertainment.

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    The Good Parts

    Little Kings Story for the Wii 

    Little Kings Story is a video game adventure of global conquest, genocide, religion and urban expansion that's shockingly deep, entertaining and satisfying to play. This video game adventure sneaks up on your senses with fantastic themes in a charming and stylish world. You'll undertake story quests that further the plot, listen to the complaints of your citizens and manage all aspects of your kingdom as you keep the peace.

    Little King's Story is a strategic RPG that starts out slow to introduce casual gamers and kids to the game play and then it picks up once you have learned the basics. The pace of the game play is slow at first but as you play you're tasked with building infrastructure and providing your citizens with useful and gainful employment. Little King's Story does borrow from fun and stylish video games like Nintendo's Pikmin and Animal Crossings and it includes elements of entertaining video games like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.

    Little King's Story is a huge adventure that gets bigger the farther you progress in this video game adventure. It took me 5 hours just to unlock all areas of the full map, let alone begin to search out the other kingdoms surrounding my kingdom.

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    The Bad Parts

    Little Kings Story is a fun and entertaining kids' game 

    Little Kings Story doesn't include an auto-save or instant-save feature to save the game at important or troublesome spots that you're having problems with. Little King isn't much of a fighter, so, if he gets involved in combat and gets killed, which is easy to do. You'll be forced to start over from the beginning of the adventure because of the lack of an auto-save feature.

    Little King's Story doesn't implement any of the Wii-specific controls such as motion-sensing and infra-red detection in the control scheme. This makes the action of the game play feel like a step-back in video game history because you need to do lots of button mashing in order to play this video game. Town Factory and Cing really missed the boat in terms of making use of the Wii's motion-sensing ability to improve this video game.

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    The Graphical Picture

    The graphical presentation of Little King's Story is soft and blurry at times which makes the environments look foggy at times and lack resolution. They did make intelligent use of light-blooming and atmosphere to give Little King's Story a stylish, charming and unique visual appearance. The fantastic watercolors in the fantasy settings are bright, crisp and clean and include visual-glitter and sparkle that the kids will love. The animation of all the characters and moving objects in Little King's Story are smooth and fun to watch.

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    Sounds in the Game

    Little King's Story has a stirring sound track featuring classic arrangements from music history that your parents will recognize. They should have let Yoko Shimomura create all the sound for this title, instead of using so many public domain songs. The developers added a slight warbling in the voices of the characters in Little King's Story that adds a nice element and is really well done.

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    The Story Line

    Little Kings Story takes you on a virtual journey 

    In Little Kings Story you play as a young boy called Corobo who falls into the life of king in a mysterious world. You're tasked with pulling together the kingdom of Alpoko after it has fallen into ruin and decay. The kingdom is bankrupt, the residents are lazy and spend all their time complaining, rather than doing the things necessary to make their lives better and the kingdom prosperous. This is the state in which you're handed the keys to the kingdom. You have to fill the coffers of the kingdom by first building up the infrastructure of the economy. The people need to work for this to happen, so you'll have to get the wheels of progress going again. Once the economy is growing again, you'll need to expand into surrounding territories for your economy and kingdom to continue growing.

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    Little Kings Story is a game suitable for all ages 

    Little Kings Story includes a variety of elements that make this adventure video game very playable for all types of gamers. This one player adventure video game begins slowly but picks up the pace of the action the more you learn about the game play. You have to learn the beginning concepts to build upon deeper concepts in the game play. Once your kingdom is running smoothly, you have to begin conquering the lands surrounding your kingdom and this is when the clever game designs of this title begin to slow the game play.

    There are always a multitude of things happening in your kingdom, you can go on a quest, check your suggestion box to see what your citizens are saying and even visit your harem of captured princesses. This is a huge adventure that gets bigger the more you play. You can explore just 25% of the map and get a nice feeling of accomplishment. This title requires you to play hours and hours of entertaining game play just to unlock the jobs and buildings available in the game.

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    The Last Word

    Little King's Story is a playful adventure video game by the creators of Harvest Moon that will entrance and entertain players of all ages and tastes. Little King's Story is a truly unique video game for the Wii and provides you with satisfying and enjoyable game play that has elements of both a simulation and RPG adventure.

Little King's Story

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