Little King's Story - Wii Cheats and Tips

Little King's Story - Wii Cheats and Tips
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About the Game: Story and Creation

The Little King’s Story is a role-playing, single player, real time strategy simulation game, developed by both Cing and Town Factory for the benefit and sole usage of the Nintendo Wii. It’s been released during the first season of the year 2009.

The premise of the story is this: Once in a small village somewhere in Europe lived a young boy, shy and apprehensive and much too quiet for his age. One day, while he was playing alone in his room, he was interrupted a family of rats. Angrily, he shooed them away from his room to a forest that he didn’t recognize. When got there, he found a crown and upon placing it upon his head, realized he now had the power to control people’s minds.

With new companions, Liam, Verde and Bowser the Bull Knight our little king is set to rule over the kingdom of Alpoko and eventually the world!

Unlockable and Hints

Little King’s Story Unlockable: Tyrant Mode

This is actually a no-brainer. Most games feature a tougher version once you finished the initial one. However, for the Little King’s Story, if you finish the Tyrant Mode then you’ll be treated to an alternate ending to the game.

Little King’s Story Hint: Glowing Scepter

This hint / cheat is actually more of a decorative nature than of any importance. Hold down the B button when you have you scepter and it will glow until you let go of it. There’s no bonus to it,so you can just skip over this.

Little King’s Story Hint: Maximize Life Points

Players of Little King’s Story surely must have noticed by now that whenever one of their citizens changes job, he will automatically get a number of life points (always random) that is added up to his total life points. We can capitalize on this by having citizens jump between a farmer and a soldier, as this job change has no charge at all.


Little King’s Story Hint: Sparkle Scepter

When you have Princess Ferne among your courtiers, she will send you a letter. This letter will contain a quest about 7 magical gems around your kingdom. Look for Princess Ferne and acquire the book from her. Once you have that, make sure you explore each town and collect the gems that you find. Once you have six of the seven gems, return to your castle and retire for the night.

The following day, you will be getting a Level 4 Mission that has you tracking down the final gem at Sobomanjaro.Once you apprehend the person who has the 7th gem, it’s all a matter of reporting back to Princess Ferne and having her affix the Gem to your Sceptre.

Basic Job Unlocks

The following jobs can be unlocked if your perform the necessary tasks to unlock it. Simply follow the directions indicated per job and you will have these citizens in your kingdom in no time!

The Carefree Adult will be created from the Convert citizen once he attens the Royal School or the Smiling Stone. Consquently, the Carefree Child will be a child from a Church marriage between two citizen of Alpoko.


Soldiers and Veterans can be obtained once you send an adult to the Guard Tower by the Bridge or paying a million in order to send an adult to the Veteran’s Training Room. The Veteran’s Training can be found in Soldier’s City.

If you send an adult to the Hunter’s Cabin,and pay a million you’ll be able to unlock a Hunter. The Hunter’s Cabin is actually near the Church so don’t get lost!

Citizens become farmers and miners if you send them to the farm or the mine, respectively. However, creating a Farmer comes at no cost, whereas a miner has to be made by paying a three hundred thousand. Similarly, if you send an audlt to the lumber yard and pay 150,000 then you’ll be getting a woodcutter as a reward. Sounds easy right?

There are three types of Carpenters. One is the Carpenter who costs about 50,000 to make at the Mega Carpentry. The Mega Carpenter can also be created from there, but will cost you a flat million to make. Of course, the best type of carpenter, the Giga Carpente****r can only be unlocked if you send an adult to the Giga Carpentry and pay up 1,500,000.

Finally, sending a Citizen to the store will turn him into a **shopkeeper (**at 150,000) and an ever cooler position, as a Cook will be carried diligently and fervently in the Restaurant and only for the price of 500.000

Special Jobs

Special Jobs are jobs that cannot be bought regularly. Usually, they become automatically available once a player does something in the game to trigger this. Little King’s Story is no different than an other game when it comes to that, having characters and citizens that unlock only when we perform tasks.

One of many suck unlocked characters in this game is the Doctor. He will be made available to Alpoka once the Royal Schoo has received every donation that it can receive. The Doctor will automatically appear roaming the streets of Glamour Town

The Eggens will be yours the second you defeat the 4th King whereas the Broadcaster comes up on your list once you face off and defeat the 5th King. Echalas is yours after the 6th king and an Android right after the 7th king’s defeat.

Now then the Magician , according to one of your Carefree Adults, will appear at Midnight once you build Magic City.

Finally, the Knight will be one of your own when you buy the Best Armor from the Travelling Merchant. When you do this, the Knight will appear loitering by the throne!

Wrap Up

Little King’s Story

With that, we are done! I hope that the tips, tricks and unlockable characters list has done you some in playing the Wii game, Little King’s Story! So until next time, I am looking forward to dispense with more cheats and tips with regards to other games as well! Ta-ta! And good luck on your way to world domination!

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