Wii Sports

Wii Sports

Wii Sports Gamers Golf Guide

This Wii Sports Golf Training Guide teaches you the basic motions you will need to make to execute the shots, as well as introduce you to the the training exercises included with Wii Sports Golf, and even gives you a few tips and hints on winning strategies.

Wii Sports Boxing Guide

This Boxing guide for Wii Sports teaches you the basics of the Wii console virtual boxing experience, introduces you to the included boxing training exercises, and even provides you with winning strategies for boxing your way to victory! Use these skills to master it on your Wii console.

Training Guide for Wii Sports Baseball

The running and fielding are automatic in Wii Sports, so you need to concentrate on the confrontation between the pitcher and batter. Batting is about waiting for the pitch you want to hit and then timing your swing to the ball’s arrival over the plate, while pitching is about fooling the batter.