Zombies Live: Resetting Your Account

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Zombies Live comes with the same requirements of the rest of the Storm8 posse. Every move has to be premeditated; otherwise, you will not be in a position to dominate in the Zombies Live world once you get to later levels. If you misstep, you will likely not be able to require, and it is better to just start over completely. Zombies Live keeps this self-destruct in place and you can reset your account at any time.

Resetting Near Loyalty Points

Open up Zombies Live and look into the left hand column for Lich, which is right under Traps and above the Butchery. The Lich button will also have a number in parenthesis in it. When you select Lich, you will be taken to the area where people normally spend their Loyalty Points. There are a number of different options here, such as trading Loyalty Points for a dollar amount, refills of stamina and energy, adding members to your Horde without the Horde Code, and other Zombies Live functions. If you go down to the bottom of the Loyalty Points options you are going to find “Reset your character for free.” This is going to be directly below the “Change your class for 50 Loyalty Points” and above the free “offers” for Zombies Live like Detection or Frighten. Go ahead and select the Accept button next to “Reset your character for free” and you will be able to go back to the beginning. You will then be given a text prompt and will be asked to write RESET in the box and then to hit the Confirm button. This is just a safe guard to prevent you from accidentally resetting your Zombies Live account. You will then start out at the beginning story spot where you awaken on a “cold morgue table.” From here, all of your statistics will be brought to zero, especially any sort of financial influx that would come from traps. Certain things will remain the same, such as your Horde Code. This is especially important if you were posting your Horde Code on websites or iPhone applications dedicated to Zombies Live.