Best and Free Farmville Cheat Codes to Dominate the Game

Best and Free Farmville Cheat Codes to Dominate the Game
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Are you having a hard time with Facebook FarmVille? Then it’s time to experience the real thrill with some free Farmville cheat codes.

What is Facebook Farmville?

If you are new to Facebook Farmville then you would like to know what Facebook Farmville is. Farmville is a real-time farm simulation game developed by a company called Zynga. It is available as an application for social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace. Also it is able to play as an app on both Apple iPhone and Google Android. Today it is the most popular game application on Facebook. By June 2010 there were 61.6 million users had joined Farmville. You can manage a virtual farm by planting, growing, and harvesting crops and trees when you play this spectacular game. This game is for all ages and very easy to learn and start playing.

Free Cheat Codes for Facebook FarmVille to Unlock Rare Animals

Use these Free Farmville Cheat Codes to unlock rare animals that you may find when you play Facebook FarmVille. You will find them here and there popping up on your home page. Then accept them quickly. Also someone might give you a rare animal too.

  • Baby elephant - Circus peanuts.
  • Duck - Down feathers
  • Ugly duckling - Swan (transform).
  • Swan - Swan feathers.
  • Rabbit - Some kind of wool.
  • Black sheep - Black wool.
  • Brown cow - Chocolate milk.

A Trick to Level up in FarmVille Easily

FarmVille Game Application

Here is a trick to level up easily in FarmVille. The way is to trap your farmer to speed his actions. First spend some of your money on 100 coin hay bales. Here you have to leave some space for hay bales on your land. 100,000 coins will give you 1,000 hay bales and 5 experience points each. So this will give you 5,000 experience points.

A Cheat Code for Faster Plowing, Seeding and Harvesting

If you don’t have a tractor it may take some time to plow. You can use this free cheat code for Facebook FarmVille to make this happen. You need only four fences for this. First make a square of the fences. Then make sure that your character is inside the square of fences. You have to make sure that all the fences are connected and make a perfect square. Now start harvesting. As fences are blocking your character, he/she stays where they are and harvest from about a mile away. Try this and enjoy faster plowing.

How to Send the Exclusive Gifts Available on FarmVille

Dominate Facebook FarmVille with Free FarmVille Cheat Codes

If you are wondered how to send exclusive gifts available on Farmville. Simply you can’t send exclusive gifts through Facebook although millions of players are playing Farmville using Facebook. You can only do that through First you have to go to and click “Connect with Facebook”. Once the game is loaded, click “Gift” tab on the row of options next to “Play”. Now you can select a gift to send your friends.

Best Crops by Harvesting Time

Here are some more free FarmVille cheat codes. These are some of the best crops by harvesting time. This is quite beneficial when you only have a very small window of time.

  • Best 2 hour crop - Raspberries
  • Best 4 hour crop - Blueberries
  • Best 8 hour crop - Tomato
  • Best 12 hour crop - Carrot
  • Best 24 hour crop - Sunflowers
  • Best 48 hour crop - Broccoli
  • Best 72 hour crop - Red Wheat
  • Best 96 hour crop - Yellow Melon

Use these free FarmVille cheat codes and enjoy the game. When you play the game make sure to plan your approach wisely. Otherwise you may end up with nothing. But you can use these free cheat codes for Facebook FarmVille to have a better control of the game.

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Facebook FarmVille is the most popular game application on Facebook with millions of users and fans. Make your game much easier with these free FarmVille cheat codes.

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