Totally Spies Fashion Agents Review - Virtual Shopping Games with Espionage Training

Totally Spies Fashion Agents Review -  Virtual Shopping Games with Espionage Training
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Totally Spies! Fashion Agents to the Rescue

Totally Spies Fashion Agents is a 2D social role playing game by Ouat Entertainment based off the popular animated series Totally Spies! The show followed the lives of three teenage girls named Samantha, Alexandra, and Clover who are working as agents for the World Organization of Human Protection also known as WOOHP. The organization trains and deploys secret agents to save humanity from evildoers across the globe. Similar to Charlie’s Angels but geared towards a younger audience the ladies receive their missions from the founder named Jerry Lewis. Although, the series is no longer on air fans or players unfamiliar with the show have an opportunity to become a teen spy in WOOHP. Complete dangerous missions, go shopping, decorate your house, and take out a few bad guys in the process.

Working for WOOHP - the Gameplay (4 out of 5)

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In the game Totally Spies Fashion Agents players shop, accessorize, and stop villains from world domination. Most of the gameplay involves cleaning, shopping, training, and completing missions. Agents have their own home and chores that must be done. Clicking on dirty laundry baskets or stacked dishes in the sink will instantly remove them tidying up the place. Appearing to be a normal teen is crucial for agents. Players can stay in style and shop by browsing the Groove’s Catalogue. Similar to Mall World there’s an assortment of different outfits to choose from. Cute skirts, tops, dresses, shoes, jackets, and jewelry are available. Many of game’s aspects go beyond what typical virtual shopping games offer players. Earn experience for buying outfits, changing looks, and decorating your humble abode. In the training area spies hone their skills with three distinct drills. Pick up a pair of jump ropes, lift weights, or go a few rounds on the punching bag for an elite training session. Each action performed uses energy. Players also have various quests and missions to accomplish. Quests usually consist of three or more tasks like buy an outfit, catch up on chores, and visit three neighbors. Coins and XP are rewarded for completing them. Randomly Jerry will alert spies a mission is available. Clicking on the compact icon transports players to the mission location. Missions vary from stopping former clowns that escaped WOOHP’s prison from spreading toxic laughing gas to rescuing hostage victims.

User Interface/Controls (3 out of 5)

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Most of the controls are easy to grasp. In missions pathways and crates are sometimes concealed by objects. Players must mouse over items to find chests or possible exit routes. Click on henchmen to attack and wooden crates to unlock their secrets. When spies are on advanced missions they are equipped with devices such as the detection bio-camera or shield generator helmet. The interface is somewhat cluttered on excursions that involve gadgets. Gadget icons are located down the side of the screen in an awkward position. Players have to mouse over these tools to display its requirements. To adjust the screen users have to click while pressing down and scroll to their desired viewpoint. Simply double click to move and place items in any room when decorating.

Graphics (4 out of 5)

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The game resembles the original series in terms of graphics. It looks like an interactive cartoon. As if players are part of a new episode controlling their spy’s actions. Jump and spin through tunnels to get to the briefing area. Each mission takes players to a different environment. Beat up troublemakers on remote islands, sky scrapers, and even a volatile volcano. Purple cloud puffs surround characters when fighting indicating a fierce rumble. Each agent has a two story home with full kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom to decorate as they please. Players can add detailed furniture and appliances to express their personal style. Place an ironing board, tulip-shaped lamp, patterned carpet, fireplace, coffee table, swan bath, houseplants, or install a bowling alley. Most of the items are inexpensive. Users can create a dream home almost effortlessly. There are no customization options for the floors or walls making players concentrate primarily on furnishings.

Sound (5 out of 5)

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The sound in Totally Spies Fashion Agents is great. Instead of one track playing continuously players hear various tunes depending on their actions. Cinematic James Bond montages introduce challenging missions. Techno to big band and other genres in between also complete the game’s diverse soundtrack. The sound effects also compliment the game nicely. Keys rattle as chests are being unlocked. Creaking doors, clicks, and chimes ring. As players defeat former WOOHP prisoners movie like sound effects of punching and kicking can be heard. A buzzer goes off alerting spies a new mission is available. Throughout the game players feel as if they’re in the espionage world fighting crime. The high quality graphics and sound make the experience entertaining.

Overall Rating: (4 out of 5)

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Totally Spies Fashion Agents is definitely a great game. Unlike other virtual shopping games such as It Girl or Mall Dreams players go on an adventure. Shop, decorate, train, team up, complete missions, and save the world. It’s not easy being a teen spy. Although some of the customization options could use improvement users still have a nice amount of variety. The outfits, affordable detailed furnishings, and pet adoption feature add to the gameplay. Create your own dream house, visit friends, and work part-time as a spy. Fans of the original series or espionage enthusiasts will enjoy this edition to the franchise. It’s quite addictive.


Source: author’s own experience.

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