Fishville Tips and Tricks – Virtual Fish Tank Domination

Mastering Virtual Fish Aquarium in Fishville

Fishville tips and tricks - virtual fish aquarium

Fishville is one of the popular fish tank games on Facebook that allow players to create their own aquarium, raise, feed, grow, and sell unique tropical fish with their friends. This guide will teach you how to quickly level up while earning the maximum amount of coins possible. Although somewhat similar to fish virtual pet game Happy Aquarium in order to advance most players will find it necessary to have a few extra Fishville tips and tricks in their arsenal to progress smoothly. It’s not easy raising fish these days. Learn the secrets to accumulating tons of coins, sand dollars, adding multiple tanks, and leveling up at lightening speed.

Fishville Tips and Tricks to Level Up Quickly

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In Fishville players can choose from a wide variety of colorful cool tropical fish like the Spotted Sweetlips, Maroon Clown, Goose Scorpion, and Longnose Hawkfish but they are not the best for leveling up. When starting out it’s important to select fish according to their growth rates. Choosing fast fishes earns the most XP quickly. The top among these to begin breeding are the Mini Dart Goby, Red Spot Cardinal, and the Sardine. It only takes 20 minutes for the Mini Dart Goby to mature into an adult fish that can be sold for coins and XP. If you have time to sit and play than picking fast fishes are the way to go. Each fish requires a player to feed them at various times to grow. Always make sure you’re able to play the game by the time the fishes become hungry. Neglecting to feed them will result in an untimely death and waste coins. An important Fishville tips and tricks technique to use when buying fish is to only raise one particular type at a time.Placing all the fish on the same feeding schedule making it easier to care for.

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The quicker a player can raise their baby fishes into adults the faster they can sell and repeat the process over. The more exotic species require users to level up in order to unlock them. Using this technique will allow a player to advance where they can really have fun adding an assortment of unusual tropical fish in their virtual aquariums. Buying decorations for your tank like plants, crystals, and sea creatures also yield XP. Expensive items earn higher amounts of experience when decorating your virtual fish tank with them.

Earning Coins and Advancing Virtual Fish Tank Count

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When it comes to Fishville tips and tricks adding neighbors is vital. The amount of coins that a player can make and the number of fish tanks available depend on how many neighbors they have. At level 10 a second tank can be purchased if a user has a minimum of 8 neighbors. Obtaining as many neighbors as possible will quicken the pace of leveling while boosting coin payouts. Adding friends from Fishville Facebook groups can help. Visiting neighbors, clicking on their treasure chests which can contain sand dollars, cleaning up their tanks, and feeding their hungry fish earn extra coins. Sending and receiving gifts from friends is another method to make additional money when sold. Clicking the heart icon at the bottom of your tank each day initiates Fish Love which also earns coins. Playing daily, breeding properly, and visiting neighbors are some of the top Fishville tips and tricks for virtual fish aquarium domination.