Tales of Monkey Island: Siege of Spinner Cay Walkthrough

Tales of Monkey Island: Siege of Spinner Cay Walkthrough
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About the Game

Tales of Monkey Island: Siege of Spinner Cay is the second episode in the popular pirate pc action adventure franchise, Tales of Monkey Island. Developed by TellTale Games, Tales of Monkey Island is a swashbuckling adventure of epic proportions. The adventures of Guybrush Threepwood is actually the fifth entry in the series of the franchise with the previous one created nearly a decade ago. While certainly not a fledgling game in the pc adventure industry, Tales of Monkey Island has proven to be a worthwhile play for new and veteran players of the game!

Siege of Spinner Cay is the second episode in a continuing 5 part series of Pirate Adventure Games and this walkthrough serves to guide players for this episode.


When we last left off with the Tales of Monkey Island, Guybrush Threepwood was facing off with the evil Captain le Chuck. (As narrated by the Voodoo Lady of course). Thanks (or no thanks) to Threepwood, Le Chuck’s curse has been lifted. Unfortunately, that means the pox has been spread to every pirate in the Caribbean. Along with that, we seem to have lost Threepwood’s wife, Elaine. So now, in the second installment of the Tales of Monkey Island, The Siege of Spinner Cay.

Prologue: Morgan Le Flay

le flay explaining

We begin the game aboard the Screaming Narwhal where it seems that soemone has boarded Threepwood’s ship. It seems to be the legendary Pirate Hunter, Morgan Le Flay! Oh but what’s this?! It seems that Le Flay is actually a girl! We find that Morgan has kept adrift of Threepwood’s exploits all these years and even admires him for his tactics. Unfortunately, all that doesn’t deter her from trying to take his cursed hand, for it seems that Morgan has been hired by the creepy Marquis de Singe.

Remember the first Tales of Monkey Island? Marquis de Singe is a character we met previously who has his designs on Threepwood and his cursed hand. And you just know that he’s going to be up to no good with it!

So now you know what Le Flay wants and its up to you to stop her. Unfortunately, Morgan manages to flay off the cursed hand. That means you have to find a way to prevent her from going off with your precious hand.

Battle of Screaming Narwhal


barrell on other side

seagul and fish

How do we do this? Try clicking on the ship’s wheel. Noice anything happening when you do so? The boat tilts a little but it seems that a barrel of fish is keeping your vessel steady. Now, as a reminder, every time you start engaging Morgan in conversation, you will move to a different part of the ship. What’s the purpose of this? Well some items can only be acquired or activated when you’re at a particular part of the ship. So now you’ve moved to the main deck. Here you’ll find that Winslow has been tied up and that well, barring present circumstances, he’s doing ok.

Talk to Morgan again so you’ll move to the stairs (where the map is). Here you’ll find a seagull pecking at your hand. Beside it, you’ll find the grappling hook Morgan Le Fley used to board your ship. Grab it and attach it to your hand.

Don’t know how to? Access the invetory and click on the hook, the cursor button will now chance to the small image of the hook. Now once that’s done, move the hook to yourself (Threepwood) and attach the hook automatically.

Talk to Morgan again to go back to the where the wheel is. Using your hook, you can now attach yourself to the rope heading off to where the mast is. Remember that barrel of fish on the mast? Cut it off using your sword so it slides to the other end. Once you’ve done that, talk to Morgan again and head back to the main deck.

A Barrel of Fish and A Creaky Plank

Talk to Morgan again until you get to where the seagull is. Shoo the seagull away and watch as it flies over to where the barrel of fish are. Notice the spot where Morgan Le Flay is currently standing. Isn’t that where the plank is perilously placed? Knowing that, Threepwood will move in and attack Morgan causing the plank to cast Le Flay overboard. Unfortunately, it leaves her grappling the side of the ship where your hand is. Since that’s her only objective, Morgan grabs the hand and goes on her way.

It is at this junction where, Winslow manages to free himself and informs you that any plans of going after Morgan or finding Elaine will be postponed until you can manage to repair the ship’s mast that was broken due to the barrel of fish incident.

So with that, we proceed to Spinner Cay.

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