Tales of Monkey Island: Siege of Spinner Cay (Guided Walkthrough Part 2)

Tales of Monkey Island: Siege of Spinner Cay (Guided Walkthrough Part 2)
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A Quick Tutorial: Ship Navigation

You’ll be spending a great amount of time in this game navigating the waters of the Caribbean. So you’ll need to know that to get to anywhere you want to know, you’ll need to keep pointing to the map aboard the Screaming Narwhal because Winslow, your navigator likes it that way. With that being said, all toy have to do is direct Guybrush Threepwood to where he ough to go via the directional buttons on your keyboard or the ASWD keys that gamers are used to pressing when engaging in FPS games. Once you’ve reached your desired destination, click on the map and head to Jerkbait Island where the repair shop can be found in Spinner Cay.

** Other Useful Tips **

Items that will be of use will have a name to them. All you have to do is click them to get a description and a determination of their usefulness. Accesssing the inventory will pull up items that Threepwood might be using during the course of this game. To use an item, simply click on it and direct it to where it ought to be used. Sometimes, items need to be bonded together in order to be utilized so drag the two items you wish to combine in the examine slot in your inventory and just click combine. Examining an item is pretty much the same, just drag the item you wish to examine to the item slot and click on the Examine button on your inventory.


Jerkbait Island: Spinner Cay

Once you get to Spinner Cay, Winslow will remind you that you need to have your mast repaired. Aside from that, Threepwood has this strange desire to meet a mermaid and of course find his way. There’s also the matter of finding De Cava and restoring his prized locket to his person.

Once you get to the docks, you’ll meet a Vacayalian named Anemone. Ask him about the broken mast repair, finding Elaine and De Cava. He or she will gladly spill out information to you. Upon further interrogation, you’ll learn that Elaine and a guy has arrived an hour before you and is convening with the Chieftain of the Vacaylians, that there is a mast repair shop in Spinner Cay and that De Cava has a place in Roe Island. Unfortunately, you won’t be encountering De Cava in this installment, because according to Anemone. De Cava (or Crazy Sponge Guy) has been amassing a crew in search of a Sponge (the same one you’ll be looking for).

Anyway, before you go off to see Elaine, kindly take note of the Raft by Anemone’s side. Unforunately, to operate this “state of the art vessel” you’ll need to have a coupon. We’ll worry about that later, for now, go on off to the Royal Chamber and talk to your wife.

Reuniting with Elaine

As you head into Spinner Cay, a cutscene will start with a Pirate Captain imbued with the pox, the Chieftain of the Vacaylians and Threepwood’s wife Elaine. There seems to be some sort of commotion regarding a variety of summoning artifacts. Anyway, Elaine will notice you and mention her involvement in the whole deal. Elaine will also take note of the fact that your wedding ring is missing and give you hers as a replacement. She’ll head back up the chambers so its best to follow her. But before you do that, take note of the statue by the stairs. Click on it to get the other glass eye. It might not be important now, but it will be later.

If you’ve managed to pry the glass eye from the statue that means you should be heading to the Royalty Chambers now. Once up there you’ll get a proper understanding of the whole ordeal. It seems the Captain with the pox, McGuillicutty and his men have been infected with the pox and badly wants the cure. His crew has already attained 1 of 3 summoning artifacts required to summon the mythical sea creatures that will point the way to Esponja Grande. These artifacts will be in the form of a turtle, a seahorse and a crankyfish, all of which are in glittering gold.


The Golden Artifacts

Now the stalemate here appears to be the fact that the Chieftain of the Vacaylians refuse to hand over the summoning ritual spell required n order to make the sea creatures appear. This is due to the fact that the Captain and his men have been needlessly polluting the ocean, where of course our merfolk friends seem to dwell. Now without these words, the creature won’t be summoned and without the creatures there is no way to find the location of the Sea Sponge that possess the ability to cure the dreaded Pirate’s Pox. Although Threepwood would be just happy to leave the two warring parties be, Elaine has taken it upon herself to be the mediator, since the Threepwoods' did cause the pox in the first place.

So like it or not, Guybrush has to help. Elaine tells you to look for the remaining two artifacts and find a way to acquire the pirates' artifact as well. She tells you to enlist the help of Le Chuck, the former Voodoo Captain who has now turned good. Aside from the pox, apparently there seems to be the issue of monkeys and setting them free.

Albeit reluctantly, Guybrush promises Elaine to do all he can in regaining the artifacts and looking for a cure.

Before you leave, make sure to ask about the Transit Pass in order to use the raft. Elaine will hand you hers and tells you that its a 24 hour one so no need to worry about using it wisely. Elaine will also inform you that she and Le Chuck have been restoring the monkeys to their rightful homes and at that moment, Le Chuck is on Spoon Isle taking the monkeys home. There will be this standoff between Elaine and Guybrush because he refuses to work for Le Chuck. That is until she batts her eyes at him and well…all is lost.

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