Tales of Monkey Island: Siege of Spinner Cay - The Hunt for De Cava

Tales of Monkey Island: Siege of Spinner Cay - The Hunt for De Cava
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Jungle Hunting

Once you dock at Spinner Cay, use the raft to get to Spoon Isle where Le Chuck is waiting for you. Get inside the jungle and walk through the paths in order to get to the cliff where Le Chuck is having a hard time with the artifact riddle. To get to him, you’ll need to explore the jungle. Take note of the small circular icon to the left of your screen. This button will automatically take you to the entrance of the jungle (to save time walking). Now before heading for the cliff, lets look for a fishing well shall we?

Ok, now start walking and then head to your left. Here you’ll find a marker in the form of a broken rowboat. From there, take the past to the east and keep walking where you’ll chance upon a Vacaylian Barbecue. We’ll worry about that later. Keep walking and keep heading to your right. There, do you see it? That’s the fishing well (Threepwood will say its just a typo) with a bait coupon resting on its side. Click the reset button and head back to where the rowboat is.

clamshell lock

From here, keep going and then turn left. Follow the path and it will eventually lead you to a clearing where Le Chuck. Although wary of Le Chuck, Threepwood has no choice but to help him with the artifact riddle. Le Chuck will talk about how he wants to do things on his own to prove his worth and like it or not, Threepwoold will have to lend a hand. Somewhere here in the cliffs, you’ll find another coupon, for an oyster this time. Take that and head to Spinner Cay and up to the Bait and Repair Shop.

Getting the Turtle Artifact

oyster coupeon

Hand over the two coupons to Anemone and he will give you a bait and large piece of oyster. Open your inventory slot and drag the oyster to the examine slot and examine it. It will reveal a giant pearl inside. Take that and give it to Le Chuck so that he can fit it on his Clamshell Thingy. Doing this will change the name to a Merfolk Key. Have Le Chuck fit the Merfolk Key into the Clamshell Lock. From he’ll deduce that fitting Guybrush’s ancient tool on the other clamshell will surely unlock the artifact riddle. Once you do that, the altar will emerge with a prying tool located to its side.

pry artifact

Once you use it, you’ll realize that Guybrush isn’t strong enough to pry the artifact loose. Looks like it’s Le Chuck’s turn to free the artifact after all! Once Le chuck does this however, he will accidentally send Guybrush over the edge of the cliff making him think that Le Chuck was truly up to no good. You can watch all this via a cutscene that will ensue. Incidentally, one of McGuillicutty’s men will see Le Chuck holding the turtle artifact in his hand and will soon try to steal it from him.

Helped by De Cava

Guybrush is in a foul mood because he’s just fallen over the cliff. As he pick himself up, make sure that he also grabs the prying tool lying somewhere in the rubble of the artifact altar. As he makes his way back to the entrance, Le Chuck appears and hands him the turtle artifact. With two of three artifacts in hand, Threepwood now heads to Roe Island in search of De Cava in order to return his locket.

roe island

Proceed to Roe Island where you will find De Cava’s ramshackle of a place. Scattered everywhere are empty crog bottles, sketches of the Voodoo Lady and a cot that’s filled with seagull dropping. Items to take note of however, are the stuff on the wall. One is a hanged Manatee, and a diagram of the mouth (Remember the path and the mouth thing the Vacaylian chieftain was talking about? This could be it).

Anyhow, remember that locket that you have with you? Place it where you can find a hole in the whole (where the manataee is) and it will reveal a blank piece of paper. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that we’ve just wasted our time, but that we’ve found a secret message from de Cava himself. So what we need to do now is access our inventory and place the eye of the manatee on the Examine slot, and place the glass eye from the statue earlier in the examine slot as well. Combining these two items together sort of makes the Eye of the Manatee into a magnifying secret message finder.

Once you’ve combined the Eye of the Manatee together with the glass eye, its time to use it on the blank piece of paper we found at De Cava’s shack. The message will say, 101 Fish Jokes. Is that a book of jokes of some sort? Where could we find a library at Spinner Cay? Hmm… I’m sure you’ve figured this out by now.

The Final Artifact

101 couipon

Head back to spinner Cay and straight to the library and talk to Tetra. Unfortunately, informing Tetra of your desire to take out the book on fish jokes makes you on drop on his respect meter. Add the fact that Threepwood managed to crach a so very cheesy fish jokes, makes Tetra “hate” you now. Not that it matters to the plot in anyway though. Now open the 101 Fish Jokes book and get another coupon for Gusanos de Destino. Give this coupon to Anemone at the Bait and Repair shop and he will give you a plate of glowing worms as bait. Apparently, this bait hasn’t been used in such a long time that he’s had to look behind the monkey fingers to get it! Imagine that…

fishing well

With glowing worms in hand, head back to Spoon Isle and make your way to the Fishing Well. Attach the hook to the plate of glowing worms and proceed to catch yourself a crankyfish artifact. Congratulations. You’ve now acquired all of the animal artifacts required to summon the mythical sea creatures. I bet Elaine would be so proud.

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