Chibi-Robo Nintendo GameCube Guide to the Family

The Sanderson family


  • A real party animal, many of us have met early in our lives, dad begins by spending the nights on the couch due his nocturnal activities the previous day, but eventually he winds up here after being evicted from the bedroom. During the day he’ll waste time doing his best couch-potato impression in front of the television. Keep an eye on the television during the early parts of the game and you’ll witness a Faux News program highlighting "The Spydorz". After this broadcast, and you have enough money, you can buy the Chibi-Blaster. The day after you get the Chibi-Blaster you can also purchase the Charge and Range Chip improvements. Once you have the Chibi-Blaster, Giga Battery, and Giga-Charger, the next time you exit the Chibi-House you should encounter Spydorz. Use the Chibi-Blaster on them and you will turn them into scrap, which you take into the Chibi-House and put into the Recyclotron to manufacture Utilibots.
  • Pay attention to dad and as he’s watching TV one day he will rant about the news being boring, implement the Living Room Ladder Utilibot to move up close to the TV and change the channel for him.
  • Eventually dad begins doing the household chores after mom locks the bedroom door and refuses him entry. When this happens, you’ll find him in the Backyard playing with the garden hose, or in the Kitchen fixing up a mess of hamburgers. You can earn a nice load of happy points by helping dad prepare dinner — look for steam rising from the patties, this means the cooking side has cooked a bit, and the number on the patties should increase, when it reaches three the food is ready.
  • After helping dad with the cooking, go back and see him again and he will tell you he dropped his Wedding ring in the sink drain, jump down in the drain and recover it for him.


  • The family’s faithful pet, and the real thinker of the group, Tao rests on the couch in the Living Room at night, often with dad. If you want to talk to him during the day, you’ll need your Tao Suit to do this, he’ll either be in the Backyard chewing stuff or in the Kitchen looking for a snack. Look for bones that appear randomly in the Backyard or Kitchen and give them to Tao and receive Happy Points.


  • Mom is a sweet soul that begins the game in the Kitchen, standing beside the sink most of the day, like most of our mothers. Ascend the cabinets below the sink area, begin conversing with her and she will invite you to have tea with her. Provide her with a sugar cube to sweeten her tea, and then go get the Kitchen Ladder Utilibot to grab the Spoon and lend it to her as a mixer for her tea. Another nice diversion is to get her a cookie for her tea which will make her happy.
  • Once you use the directions in The Sanderson’s House guide to open the peephole in the Bedroom door, you can enter it at night to find her stressing over the household finances. When she sees you she will ask you to check on Dad to see if he’s keeping any secrets from her. If you head to the Living Room to carry out her request, you will see Dad putting the Toy Receipt into the cushions. Bring the receipt up to Mom, the next phase beings as she will lock herself in the bedroom. The next day you will find Dad, Jenny, and Tao sitting outside of the bedroom, talk to them and then travel through the peephole and communicate with Mom. At this time Mom will give you Mom’s Letter to hand to Dad when you go back out. After delivering the letter, head back into the Bedroom and converse with Mom once more time.
  • The next day, head back into the Bedroom to see what Mom is up to and she’ll tell you that she can make you an outfit if you can find some fabric to use. Look around the room using your Chibi-Vision to locate Old Boxers, a Small Handkerchief, and an Outdated Scarf, and then just give her whichever one suits your fancy. In a day or so, she will present you with Pajamas that you can wear, if you press Z when wearing the Pajamas you will fall asleep.


  • Jenny begins the adventure residing on the Living Room floor during the daylight hours, drawing in her notebook. Talk to her and she will usually ask you what you think of her drawings, tell her you like them, and she will give you Happy Points. Give her the Frog Ring and she will also provide you with Happy Points.
  • You will find Jenny on one of the beginning nights sitting on the stairway in the Foyer crying, communicate with her calmly and she will head backup stairs and go to bed. Further on in the game you’ll find her sitting outside the Bedroom at night, stressing over the situation between her parents. If you want to communicate with her, do so through Sunshine the Teddy bear or jump into the Frog Suit, and converse with her one on one. Once Mom decides to lock the Bedroom door and you have delivered Mom’s Letter to Dad, Jenny will be found sitting staring at the TV in her room, like a zombie. The TV will be displaying the same unusual symbol you find inscribed on the ground in the Backyard.
  • Eventually, the family unit breaks down to the point that Mom refuses to exit the Bedroom day or night, Jenny is found in her zombie state in front of the TV in her room, and Dad is lost, with no idea about what to do, at which point you need to reactivate Giga-Robo to make things better.

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