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Chibi-Robo GameCube Video Game Hints & Tips

by: Michael Elkins ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Read this article to find out about four of the toys in the GameCube video game Chibi-Robo, their own particular dysfunctional stories add a nice element of humour and entertainment to the game play. We'll cover Funky Phil, The Great Peekoe, Sophie, and Freida & Fred in this article.

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    Toy Stories

    Let the Playstation entertainment roll right past Xbox 360, GameCube and Nintendo DS 

    All the toys are alive in Chibi-Robo and can converse, move around and interact with you in the story line of Chibi-Robo and in their completely hilarious and dysfunctional lives.

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    Sophie - Sophie is a nice and extremely heart-warming character in Chibi-Robo whose biggest problem is she's a dog chew toy in love with Drake Redcrest, talk about unobtainable love. Sophie's heart sings, so she spends her days and nights writing love letters to her lost love. Once mom locks herself in the Bedroom and you've done your good deed of delivering Mom's letter to Dad, you'll often see Sophie sitting on the top of the Foyer stairs at night, staring off into space. Walk up to her and you'll surprise her and she'll drop a Love Letter for you to read. You can either pick it up and return it to her when you see her in the Kitchen or give it to Drake Redcrest, in which case she'll just write another letter. You can read them, but eventually you'll give one back to her. Further on, you'll see her hiding behind the Living Room couch as she undresses Drake Redcrest with her eyes, Love Letter stuck between her antenna. Converse with her, and then put on the Ghost Suit and scare her.

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    Freida & Fred

    Freida & Fred - Freida is the dehydrated frog you can find in the Backyard in Chibi-Robo, you need to grab the Squirter from the table in Jenny's Room and squirt Freida to revive her. Once you bring her back from death's door, Freida will hand you the Frog Suit, put it on and go converse with Fred, the injured Frog in the Bedroom. Beware as you do this, Dinah will get a little upset and will try to stop you by attacking you, and breaking off her teeth. Once Dinah is dealt with, just grab Fred and bring him to Freida.

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    Funky Phil

    Funky Phil - All Funky Phil is a Chibi-Robo toy who only wants to dance and have fun, but he's trapped behind the blinds in the Bedroom. You need to climb up the pull rope to open the blinds, so he get free from his prison. Once released he starts dancing and after the first dance, he'll drop a Funky Seed on the ground. He's also surrounded by drops of neat and handy Funky sweat as he dances, grab the Squirter and suck it up.

    You need to take the Funky Seed out at night and plant it into the planter by the bed and then spray the Funky Sweat on it. After awhile, you'll see three Funky Phil plants will begin to grow, pick them and hand them to their unsuspecting father. Travel to the Living Room and grab the Drake Redcrest Album off the record player, now Funky Phil and his sprouts will dance a new dance and drop another Funky Seed. Just repeat the process as many times as you want to create your own dance troop.

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    The Great Peekoe

    The Great Peekoe - You never know when this shadowy toy will appear, he'll appear in the Kitchen, the Basement, or even the Backyard. You can find him in the ventilation grill over the stove if he's in the Kitchen, maybe in the fish bowl with the fish or just hanging around the burners. When he's in the Backyard, look on top of the Yellow Block on the swing, he'll be the toy doing the handstand. His main past time though is to attempt to make you cleanse your soul by handing over all your Moolah. If you want to try your luck, he has a small stand set up in the Basement, but keep your eyes on him.

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